29 July 2005


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If you’re looking for a site to make you laugh out loud, check out Zug. It’s a hilarious site run by a guy named John Hargrave. He’s insane. His pieces are mostly chronicles about his crazy and really random adventures. Whether he’s ordering prescription drugs online or trying to see how far he can push signing bogus names on credit card slips, he’ll have you cracking up. I can’t really do the site justice in this description.

Check it out now at www.zug.com.


28 July 2005

Dress up Steve Jobs

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Tired of black turtlenecks and jeans? Dress Steve Jobs up however you like right here.


Server issues

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My site is currently hosted a company called VizaWeb. They provide good service, but they seem to be having some growing pains. Many people, including myself, switched to them because they were recommended by technology guru, Leo Laporte. The onslaught of new customers seems to be causing problems. I’ve experienced some downtime as a result.

What I’m asking of you is that if you see my site is down or unreachable, please e-mail me and let me know. If you don’t know my address you can use my contact form once the site is back up. You can also post it in the comments of this entry.


27 July 2005

Google Maps gets new feature

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I’ve mentioned Google Maps before, but I thought I’d point out that they just added a “hybrid” feature where you can overlay maps and satellite images. I’ve been saying they should add this. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought so because they finally did it.

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Voltron & Transformers movies?

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As much as I loved Voltron and the Transformers as a kid in the 80’s, I’m sorry to see that they’re both being made into movies. You know that these things are always terrible when they go back and make a movie years later. Check it out on Yahoo! News.

26 July 2005

Hey hey, I saw a Monkee

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What did I do with my weekend? Well, part of it was spent in Rhode Island at a Davy Jones (from the Monkees) concert at Misquamicut Beach. It was definately a small town event, but that was a large part of what made it fun!

Also at the concert was Pete Best, a man who no one has heard of, but was the original Beatles drummer.

They had an opening act, but he’s not worth metnioning here. The other opening act was “The Beach Bums” which was a local group that seems to be an extenion of the Misquamicut Business Association. They were good. They should have been the official opening act instead of the other not so good guy:-)

I took a ton of photos which will be online at some point possibly, but until then here’s one…
Davy Jones Concert

21 July 2005

Scotty beamed up

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James Doohan, better known as the lovable engineer, Scotty from Star Trek died yesterday. According to the BBC, his ashes are going to be sent into space.

Read the article here.

17 July 2005

Searching my site/blog

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Using I set up my site with Google’s new service, Google Sitemaps. It should result in better indexing of my site by Google. This means you’ll get more accurate results and some of the lag I’ve mentioned before will no longer be a problem when I make changes.


16 July 2005

Google Earth

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Everyone knows that Google is the best site to use for searching, but Google is slowly becoming a huge company that offers a wide array of services. the coolest new one that I’ve seen recently is Google Earth. It’s not web-based, but is an application you can download and install. If you’ve used Google Maps, you already know that Google bought out Keyhole and now has satellite imagery available. Google Earth takes this one step farther. In this program you can zoom through maps, and use them in all kinds of ways. It even has 3 dimensional representations of buildings so you can fly through cities.

It’s tough to explain all the useful features, but once you download it it you’ll see how much fun it is to play with even if you don’t have a serious use for it.

Oh yeah, and it’s free. Get it at http://earth.google.com.


15 July 2005

Cooter says it’s crap

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The Dukes of Hazzard is a classic show. Ever since it’s been back on television on CMT, my DVR has been working overtime recording it for me. But what prompted it’s sudden comeback is the new motion picture that’s been made. I honestly figured it was probaly going to be terrible since all of these movies usually are. Bow I have someone else’s opinion to back up my hunch.

Cooter from the REAL Dukes of Hazzard seems to agree and he’s actually read the script! Check it out at cootersplace.com.

New Harry Potter Book

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Well, I told emily I’d post a link to MuggleNet at some point and what better day than today. To is the day that the newest Harry Potter book is being released. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is being released tonight at midnight.

So in honor of that and for Emily, I’ll point out that a great place for Harry Potter info is MuggleNet.com. Another good place would be the author’s site at JKRowling.com

I’ll be waiting until the book comes out in paperback in like a year or whatever because I’m not quite the rabid fan that many people are (and I’m cheap). 😉

14 July 2005

Imagine the fights this would stop

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Wow, why didn’t they have these when we were growing up?! Imagine all the sibling fights it would have stopped.

Sharp Dual View TV

12 July 2005

Spyware problem getting bigger and bigger

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Most of you probbaly already know what a problem spyware is, but here’s an article that attempts to quantify the magnitude of the problem. remember that I’ve posted some info to help you avoid it and remove it in Michael’s Guide.

11 July 2005

I’m an RSS feed

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One of the benefits of having an actual blog is that it has an RSS feed. There’s a feed of my posts as well as feeds of comments for each post.

For those of you who don’t know what RSS is, it’s a feed that can be read by a news aggregator. Basically, you get information from a bunch of websites at once. The program collects the items and displays them for you. I personally check about 50 feeds everyday. I could never visit all of those websites, but its only takes a few minutes to scan through the list of items in my news aggregator.

For more info on RSS visit Wikipedia’s article on news aggregators. They even list some good choices. Personally, I use NetNewsWire for Macintosh.

Once you have a program up and running, subscribe to my feed at http://www.michaelgatti.com/blog/feed.

Or subscribe to my comments feed at http://www.michaelgati.com/blog/comments/feed


Blog Upgraded

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You might have noticed that this blog looks much diffrent than before. I installed some new software this weekend. Now it’s running on actual blogging software. The one I chose is WordPress. I saw it demonstrated on Call for Help on G4-TechTV Canada. So far, I like it. I’m slowly getting the hang of editing the CSS and PHP files to customize the look and feel. I think you’ll see the Blog become a bigger part of the site now that it’s a million times easier to update!

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