28 March 2006

Flying Spaghetti Monster Gospel hits stores

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In case you haven’t already heard about this, let me give you some background in the shortest way possible… In order sidestep the separation of church and state some school districts have tried to allow the teaching of “intelligent design.” The Christian mythology of creation cannot be taught, so ID stops one step short of endorsing the creation mythology. It says that some things in nature are too complex to have been created by evolution so “something” else must have created them. It stops right there but you can figure out what it implies.

So, if schools are teaching ID they are basically teaching Christian specific beliefs. This means that they should also teach the mythology of other religions. This is where Bobby Henderson comes in. He wrote a letter to a few school districts requesting that they teach his religion, Pastafarianism or the worship of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. It very quickly snowballed into a very popular topic and many people have seen it as a great oppurtunity to point out the faults with the argument for ID and point out that every religion sounds silly to those who aren’t a member of it.
Today his book finally hits stores and we’ll get to read all about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and his noodly appendages.

Buy the book now at Amazon. Read the story in USA Today. Learn more at his site, Veganza.com. I definately need to buy this book.

27 March 2006

digg.com story on CNN

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I’m sure you’ve heard of digg.com, but it’s looks like they’ve made the big time, because I just saw this on CNN.com.

read more | digg story

24 March 2006

New features will be added

Category: Genealogy,Site Updates — Posted by Michael at 0602

I’ve been hard at work on the new family tree website. Just thought I’d take a second to let you know how it’s progressing. I’m done with the basic structure of the site and designed most of the graphics that are required. Now I’m working on importing all of the data from the old website. It’s a slow process but moving along nicely.

I mentioned the other day that I’ll be adding something to recognize how far-reaching the site seems to be becoming with the many Gatti’s etc. who have contacted me after finding the website. I’ll also be adding a new genealogy resources page to attempt to help other find info about their family. I’ll also be adding some more standard genalogy things such as a surname list.

Keep watching this blog for news.

21 March 2006

What I Watch – Cranky Geeks

Category: Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 1955

The folks over at Ziff Davis who produce DL.TV have added another show to their line-up. John C. Dvorak, another ZDTV/TechTV alum is back and his show is appropriately called Cranky Geeks. It’s a tech discussion show that harkens back Silicon Spin on ZDTV/TechTV back in the good old days.

Visit the site at www.crankygeeks.com

Subscribe to the feed at http://crankygeeks.com/blogs/crankygeeks/rss.aspx 


20 March 2006

Gattis from around the world

Category: Genealogy,Site Updates — Posted by Michael at 1819

You probably already know that I’m working on a brand new family tree website. It will be a big improvement over my previous site. Besides making better use of the technology at hand in order to make the site easier to manage and scale, I’ve also left a lot of room for additional content that I intend to add. It hasn’t launched yet, but I’m working on it finally!

As I work on it and go through all of the existing information that I already have available, I’ve realized something that is pretty amazing. My little website really does reach a world wide audience. I’ve gotten e-mails from so many people who share last nameswith people in my family. They’ve come from all corners of the United States plus countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany just to name a few. I see hits from all around the world in my site logs, but I often think that it’s probably just robots crawling my site. But the big folder of e-mails that I have from around the world tells me otherwise.

Anyway, just sharing my amazement. I’ll address this in a more formal way on the new site. If you’re a distant relative or someone who shares a surname, feel free to drop me a line or just post a comment right here in the blog.

Spring Snow

Category: Life — Posted by Michael at 1623

Today is the first day of spring. Usually I lament that it means no more winter and no more snow. Of course, today I drove to work in snow flurries and tomorrow night it’s supposed to snow again. Maybe this makes up for it being in the 60’s for half the winter!

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19 March 2006

A rant about ‘My Space’

Category: Randomness,Technology — Posted by Michael at 0812

If you haven’t been living in a cave for the past year or so you’ve probably heard of MySpace.com. Unfortunately, unless you are someone who uses it, the only way you’ve heard about it is probably through the media in the form of stories about how it is evil.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with it, MySpace is a website that allows you to create a profile and share it with the world. This profile is basically a mini-website which can include a photo gallery, personal facts, work and school information, a blog and more.

One of the things that has helped it grow in popularity is the fact thatit offers some useful networking features. You can link to a network of friends. This network allows links to your friends’ pages to be displayed on your homepage and it also allows you to broadcast alerts to all of your friends to keep them up to date on your life. Your friends are also able to leave comments on your homepage.

MySpace was originally created for the purpose of sharing and exposing new independent music groups and artists. However, the general public took a liking to it and it’s now one of the most visited sites on the web. While a lot of children use the site, a lot of adults do as well. Personally I have no real use for the site since I run and maintain my own website. However, if I were someone who did not know how to create my own site without using a tool such as MySpace, then I would most definately use it. Anything that allows people to easily express themselves online is a good thing, in my opinion.

Here’s where the rant begins… Like I said earlier, MySpace gets a bad rap in the media constantly. It’s blamed for people publishing too much personal information on it. It’s blamed for criminals using it to find victims. It’s blamed for kids posting threatening or other inappropriate messages. Are you seeing a pattern here? The website and it’s owners are blamed for everything that people do on it. In other words, the site gives people a forum and people use it in improper and negative ways so naturally it’s the website’s fault. It couldn’t possibly be the fault of these people who are posting on the site. Why get mad at your kids or teach them about personal responsibility when you can get mad at a total stranger who created and maintains a useful website?

The riduculous thing is that MySpace is not the first website that allows people to easily create websites. Geocities, Tripod and Bravenet have been around for years, and newer ones like Face Book and Friendster are extremely similar to MySpace. But because MySpace is so popular it’s the new popular target for anyone who wants an easy way to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions or the actions of their kids.

Oh well, I’m sure if you’re someone who really believes that a website is responsible for the actions of its users, you’re probably not reading this. You’re probably way too busy trying to find a way to sue the owner of the wall you spraypainted last night.


18 March 2006

What I Listen To – Daily Giz Wiz

Category: Interesting Links,Technology — Posted by Michael at 1410

The TWiT network of podacasts has expanded yet again. Leo now has a daily podcast with Dick DeBartolo who calls himself “The Giz Wiz”, thus the name of the podcast.

It’s a short (5 minutes or so) podcast that talk about a new and unique tech gadget each day.

They don’t have an actual website yet, but you can visit Dick’s site at www.gizwizbiz.com. Subscribe to the feed at http://leo.am/podcasts/dgw.

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17 March 2006

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Category: Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 0602

St Patricks
In honor of Saint Patrick’s day, head over to Wikipedia and learn a little bit about this holiday. While you’re doing that I’ll be cooking up a big batch of corned beef and cabbage! YUM, my favorite part of the holiday!

15 March 2006

What I Watch – Rocketboom

Category: Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 1431

Rocketboom is a hard one to explain. You might have already seen it since it’s one of the more popular IPTV shows on the internet. It’s a mixture of tech news stories, weird finds on the world wide web, man on the street interviews and the occasional musical dance montage.

How do you classify all of that? Anyway, it’s hosted by Amanda Congdon who has a style that all her own for delivering the content and keeping it interesting.

Visit rocketboom.com.
Subscribe at http://www.rocketboom.com/vlog/rss.html


13 March 2006

What I Watch – Food Guru Moments

Category: Cooking/Food,Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 1953

I love to cook, so this new video podacst is becoming one of my favorite short IPTV shows. It comes from an unlikely place. When you think of fine dining, Iowa is the first place that comes to mind, right? Ok, maybe not, but Peter Harman hosts Food Guru Moments and he is the owner and chef at Martini’s Grill in Burlington, Iowa. It’s a unique, fast-paced podcast that introduces one recipe per episode.

If I’m ever in Iowa (though I probably won’t be) I’d definately stop in and try his cooking!

Visit his site at www.foodguru.com.
Subscribe to the podcast at http://www.foodguru.com/podcast/xml.xml.

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11 March 2006

What I Watch – MacBreak

Category: Interesting Links,Technology — Posted by Michael at 2028

OK, this is brand new. As new as it gets, actually. I haven’t even had time to watch the first episode yet, but I sure I’m going to like it so I’m including it here. It’s a production of the This Week in Tech (TWiT) folks with Amber MacArthur, Leo Laporte and others. In case you didn’t guess, it’s about Macintosh issues and news.

Their site is www.macbreak.com.
You can subscribe at http://www.macbreak.com/macbreak_rss.php.

09 March 2006

What I Listen To – 1010 WINS You Can’t Make This Up

Category: Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 2126

This is pretty straight-forward. It’s just a short 2 minute “wacky news” podcast from 1010 WINS.

The feed is at http://podcast.medianext.com/stations/wins/rss/?c=5


07 March 2006

What I Listen To – 1010 WINS Voicemail of the Week

Category: Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 1312

Ever wonder what kind of nutcases call a radio station and leave them voicemail? Well, wonder no more. 1010 WINS in NYC posts the “best” voicemail they get each week in this podcast. It makes you glad you don’t work in radio!

Subscribe to http://podcast.medianext.com/stations/wins/rss/?c=26


05 March 2006

What I Listen To – 1010 WINS Brett Larson’s Tech Bytes

Category: Interesting Links,Technology — Posted by Michael at 1802

You may have heard of Brett Larson. He’s a Mac guy who’s been seen on TechTV in the past. Now he does a 30 second daily podcast about technology. It’s a quick listen with interesting content. This is courtesy of 1010 WINS in NYC.

The feed is at http://podcast.medianext.com/stations/wins/rss/?c=18

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