26 June 2006

Spyware repair

Category: Technology — Posted by Michael at 1957

I’ve long talked about the Michael’s Guide section of my site. It includes some instructions and tips on how to help you fix your own computer including an extensive section on viruses and spyware.

While I still believe that a lot of systems can be cleaned by end users, I’ve recently come upon a few systems that were so badly infected that there is no way that the average user could fix them short of reformatting the hard disk (which would result in data loss.)

If you feel you are in this situation, please contact me and I’d be glad to quote you a price on fixing your system. I’ll remove any spyware and viruses, install software to prevent future infections, update Windows with all current patches and updates and more. My prices are reasonable because I consider this a service to the computing community as a whole since infected computers on the internet hurt everyone.

25 June 2006

Am I a statistic?

Category: Life,Site Updates — Posted by Michael at 2057

OK, so everyone has read the stats that say that most people who create blogs eventually abandon them. Looking at this site for the past month or so, you’d easily think I was one of those people. Well, I’m not, at least not yet.

The reason I’ve been so scarce is just because of stress. I’ve had a lot of other stuff to deal with. I have some stuff that I want to out up on various parts of my website, but there just seems to be too many other things to work on instead. I’ll eventually get to it though.

Anyway, just bear with me. My website never stagnates for too long!

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