25 March 2007

A decade already?

Category: Life,Site Updates — Posted by Michael at 2033

10 Years on the WebIt’s hard to believe, but I’ve been maintaining this website for 10 years! It started as one simple web page and has slowly morphed into a site with over 1,000 pages. Sometimes it involves a lot of work, but it’s fun work. Whether anyone reads the site or not, it keeps my free time occupied!

So, in celebration of 10 years of Michael’s Piece of the Web, I’ve created a special section looking back at how the site that you see today came to be. Check it out right here.


23 March 2007

Houdini murdered?

Category: Interesting Links,Randomness — Posted by Michael at 2119

Hmm, looks like I might have to rewrite that book report I did in third grade. They’re digging up Harry Houdini’s body to see if he was murdered. Apparently it’s possible he didn’t die from a blow to the stomach like everyone thought.

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17 March 2007

Triple wedding page added

Category: Site Updates — Posted by Michael at 1144

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I updated the Italian part of my family tree. Maybe not logical, but it’s an overdue update. I just added a new section to the Gatti portion of the tree. It’s an article about the Gatti-Panazzolo triple wedding. Check it out here.

01 March 2007

Read every newspaper

Category: Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 2214

InquirerNewspapers are slowing fading away because they’re a really slow way to deliver news when measured against other forms of media such as television and the internet. However, while I’m much more likely to read a newspaper’s website than I am a print version, I still find it interesting to see what news stories are being covered in various parts of the country and the world.

At www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages you can take a look at and read the front page of just about every newspaper that exists.

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