03 July 2008

Another good idea taken – selling your soul to a pizza place

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There are so many ways to make free money in this world. Unfortunately, I never think of them first. I say this because a guy in New Zealand tried to sell his soul on an online auction site. After the site said he couldn’t continue the auction, the owner of the¬†Hell Pizza chain offered to buy it for $3800! ($NZ5001) The deed of ownership will be hanging in one of their stores.

Check out the whole story on CNN. And by the way, if you want to make an offer on my soul, let me know. I’ll give you a good deal!

10 February 2008

Fighting Five Year Olds

Category: Interesting Links,Randomness — Posted by Michael at 2328

Every so often you find a website that is absolutely hilarious. Maybe it’s the stress, but I couldn’t stop laughing at this site. It’s got a crazy long URL (www.howmanyfiveyearoldscouldyoutakeinafight.com). You’ll no longer need to wonder how many 5 year olds you can defend yourself against. I went to a birthday party for a five year old yesterday. I felt very comfortable knowing that if they rose up, I could’ve fended them off!


30 April 2007

Hang from a crane and eat dinner

Category: Cooking/Food,Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 1202

I enjoy trying new restaurants. Just last night I had a delicious dinner place that appeared pretty rough from the outside but had delicious food.¬†However, I’m not sure I’d make it past the “front door” of the restaurant in this article from the Daily Mail. You are surved dinner while sitting at a table which is suspended 150 off the ground. It hangs off the boom of a crane. You and 21 other folks site with nothing but air under your feet as you eat a gourment meal.

The reporter who wrote the article couldn’t even bring herself to eat because of the height issue. There’s a good chance I’d have the same problem!

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21 May 2006

Ice cream stamps

Category: Cooking/Food,Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 1939

Well, here’s something interesting. Licking stamps has never seemed like fun before, but now in Australia you can buy ice cream flavored stamps compliments of a deal between the Australian Postal Service and Haagen-Dazs.

Read more here.

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04 February 2006

What a klutz!

Category: Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 0034

Did you ever trip anf fall and feel like a fool? Well, I bet you can’t beat the guy who tripped on his shoelace, fell down a staircase at a museum and broke a bunch of priceless Chinese vases from the Qing Dynasty. Talk about a bad day!

Read the story here.


10 January 2006


Category: Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 1220

While I was looking at that ealier story about Elmo I noticed a link to this story. Someone at Wal-Mart swapped out an iPod with a piece of raw meat. Talk about not getting what you paid for!

I buy plenty of meat and never once have I gotten an iPod in the package.

Read the story and see pictures here.


Elmo wants your kid to die?

Category: Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 1205

We all know Elmo, the little red guy form Sesame Street. Apparently he’s getting pretty mean in his old age. According to digg.com and diggnation, someone bought some of the talking dolls, reprogrammed them and returned them. After they were returned, the dolls said “Who wants to die?”

Even though this is pretty tasteless, you do have to give credit to the guy who came up with the idea.

Read more at local6.com.


13 December 2005

Hey crackhead!

Category: Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 1612

I heard about this on TWiT this week. It’s a hilarious open letter from a guy in San Francisco who had his spark plugs stolen by a crackhead. It’s a must read!

Check it out on Craig’s List.


09 December 2005

Cops now taser each other???

Category: Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 1923

What has this world come to when cops start tasering each other? Apparently when your partner doesn’t stop so you can buy a soda, the proper reaction is to taser her.

Read it at KCCI News.


21 June 2005

Sadaam likes Doritos?

Category: Interesting Links — Posted by Michael at 1703

One of the more odd articles I’ve read in a while… Saddam likes Doritos and tries to give relationship advice to US soldiers?

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