28 January 2011

A quarter century since the Challenger disaster

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Time really flies. I mean that in more ways than one tonight. I noticed this video of the Challenger disaster on CNN.com because today is the 25th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. It s the exact video that I watched live at my Grandparents’ house in 1986. It hardly seems possible that it happened 25 years ago. after watching the video, I thought about writing a blog post, but I felt like I’d written something about it already. I couldn’t figure out what would have prompted me to write about it in recent months. When I looked back, I realized that previous post was from 28 January 2006 on the 20th anniversary! Like I said, time clearly does fly by.

You can check out my previous post here.

28 January 2006

Can it really be 20 years since Challenger?

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Challenger Patch
Wow, this one really makes me feel old! It was twenty years ago today that the space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after lift-off from Kennedy Space Center. It’s one of the first historical moment that I remeber witnessing. It was the first “remember where you were” moment I had. I know that I was at my Grandparents’ house sitting on the floor watching the launch live.

The following people were lost with the Challenger…
Francis R. (Dick) Scobee
Michael J. Smith
Judith A. Resnik
Ronald E. McNair
Ellison S. Onizuka
Gregory B. Jarvis
Sharon Christa McAuliffe

Click here for a photo of the memorial to the crew at Arlington National Cemetary that I took when I was there.

Check out NASA’s bios of the crew.

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