01 March 2006

Family Tree Site dusting itself off

Category: Genealogy,Site Updates — Posted by Michael at 0112

I’ll warn you right up front that this isn’t a big update, but I just wanted to mention that I have finally began to work on picking up my family tree website up off the ground and dusting it off.

Sometimes in life a person tries to cause you grief and you let them discourage you. Other times a person tries to cause you grief and you turn that negative energy right around and turn it into creative energy.

That being said, a whole new family tree website is in its earliest stages of development. It’s not even in the form of HTML yet, but it’s basic brainstorming fills almost half of a notebook. I’ll keep you posted as progress continues.

I will make one promise though… it will be bigger and better than ever before.

09 January 2006

Gatti Family Tree Offline

Category: Genealogy,Life,Site Updates — Posted by Michael at 2322

You may have noticed that The Gatti Family Tree website is currently offline. I’m sorry to dissapoint anyone who was looking for it. I did not want to take it down but some family issues forced me to.

While there is no estimated time until its return, it will soon be back and better than ever. Keep watching my site for updates.

In the meantime if you are someone who’s doing genealogy research and are looking for any info on the Gatti, Pannazzolo, Monzeglio, Martinetti families please get in touch with me because I’d love to talk to you and compare info.

20 November 2005

Family tree has grown again

Category: Genealogy — Posted by Michael at 1619

Take a look at the Gatti Family Tree site and see two new family members! 🙂

18 November 2005

Info for the tree all the way from Iraq

Category: Genealogy,Site Updates — Posted by Michael at 1155

Last night I updated the family tree with some new data from my cousin Justin who’s currently serving in Iraq. Thanks so much, Justin, for taking the time even while serving our country.

See the family tree page for more details…

04 July 2005

All New Family Tree Site

Category: Genealogy,Site Updates — Posted by Michael at 2256

It’s done! I just finished updating my geneaology website, The Gatti Family Tree. It’s all new from the ground up. Besides having a whole new look, it has a lot of new content. Check its homepage for more details.

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