29 August 2011

Post-Irene Whiners

Category: Randomness — Posted by Michael at 0120

Hurricane Irene only left us a few hours ago and already I’m hearing people complain that the state/municipal governments did too much to prepare when the storm wasn’t as catastrophic as expected. If we all knew the storm wouldn’t be quite as bad as predicted, no one would have prepared. I’m not one to panic, but even I knew this was a serious storm. It’s the first hurricane to make landfall in New Jersey in nearly 110 years. I brought everything inside (including our very heavy furniture), filled the bathtub, filled water bottles, brought my grandfather here and every other precaution I could think of.

Just like I took every reasonable precaution, I expect the government to take every possible ┬áprecaution as well. The same people who are complaining about the government spending too much time & money to prepare are the same ones who would be complaining if they weren’t made to evacuate and something bad happened.

The moral of this story? There will always be whiners. Thankfully, the people they whine about will always be there to save their butts.

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