02 June 2013

Review: The Pub – Pennsauken NJ

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The Pub is far and away my favorite restaurant. It’s unique in every way. It’s beena round since long before I was born (since 1950). It’s survived burning to the ground and once going out of business. Through all of that nothing much has changed at all. One of the first unique things about The Pub is the HUGE dining room. The slightly medeival themed room seats over 500 people at a time yet it’s still quiet. I’ve never heard anything above a low murmur and there is always plenty of room to move around as you go to one of the two salad bars.

Speaking of the salad bars, they are fantastic. They include blocks of cheese from which you can cut off slices, various kinds of cake breads (in case the delicious crusty bread on your table isn’t enough for you) fruit, applesauce, along with a wide variety of salads and salad ingredients. However, I usually skip past most of this stuff and head right to the giant bowl of Caesar salad and pile my plate high. The Pub’s Caesar salad is one of the best I’ve had. The always fresh salad is made especially delicious by the plentiful anchovies scattered throughout.

The focal point of the dining room is the row of six coal fired ovens where chefs in big white hats turn out fantastic steaks. The pub has a fair number of entees ranging from seafood to chicken, to all sorts of steaks. I, however, typically stick to the best filet mignon I’ve had at any restaurant. It’s served wth massive onion rings and a potato. I recommend the twice baked stuffed potato. I also recomend taht you ask for some of their browned onions to go with your steak. They’re free, but you have to ask for them. In another unique touch, your steak will arrive at your table on a cart to be taken from a heated tray and plated right at the table.

If you want something a little more unique, try my father’s favorite, the capetbagger. It’s a filet spread with crabmeat and hollandaise sauce.

The only negative is the location. Although, it’s certainly never stopped me from going. The Pub is located at the maze of an intersection that used to be Airport Circle.It might take you a few tries to get in the correct lane. Of course, this should be no problem for a practiced New Jersey driver.

The Pub Chefs

The Pub Filet Mignon

12 November 2007

A fall day on the AC boardwalk

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DunesMost people might think the summer is the best time to go down the shore. I much prefer to go in the fall or winter. The crowds are smaller; the weather is so much nicer and much less smog. I just added some photos from Atlantic City that turned out great because it was such a clear day.Check them out right here.

18 September 2007

Batsto Photos

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Batsto Grist MillIf you’ve never heard of Batsto, it’s an historic village in New Jersey. It’s an old 18th/19th century bog iron and glass industrial center. I’ve been there many times through the years and took some photos on a recent trip.

Check them out here.

04 February 2007

Fire and Ice Photos

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I just posted some of the photos I took last weekend at the Fire and Ice Festival in Mount Holly, NJ. This chili cook-off and ice carving competition was a fun a unique event. I got there after the chili cook-off was over, but I did make it to the carving portion and the dog sled demonstration.

Check out the photos here.

11 December 2006

Huge Photo Update

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I just arranged the Photos section of the website. I tried to better organize it by breaking my photo collection up by years.

At the same time, I also added quite a few new photos. The Winterthur album contains photos from my recent trip with Beth to Yuletide at Winterthur. The Hofbrauhaus album is from my grandfather’s 85th birthday celebration. There are also photos from the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ as well as a ton of photos taken during a business trip to Hampton Roads.


15 April 2006

It’s about time

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Today is an important day in the history of the state of New Jersey. I know, you’re thinking, “He’s happy about tax day?”  Well, good news for you is that taxes aren’t du til the 17th this year, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Today is the day that New Jersey finally joins the ranks of other smarter states and enacts a ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and other public places. No longer will we have to be greeted with “smoking or non” when we enter a restaurant. Nor will we have to choke on smoke that wafts through the invisible wall that supposedly separates smoking and non-smoking sections.

All I can say is this law is way overdue. Learn more about why this is such good news at thetruth.com.

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