30 January 2006

Switching to TurboTax

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I just found out something disturbing. H&R Block is not producing TaxCut for Macintosh this year. I’ve been using their software for a couple of years now and while it wasn’t the most user friendly software in the world, it did work.

Now when I went to order it for this tax season I found out there is no Macintosh version! Of course, they are spending the money to mail out free copies of the Windows version to people who didn’t even ask for it, but they can’t develop a Mac version. What a great way to alienate your customer base!

So, I’m switching to TurboTax. It’s from Intuit, the people who make Quicken. I’ve been using Quicken for years, so I’m sure their tax software will be just as great.


04 August 2005

Konfabulator is free

Category: Interesting Links,Technology — Posted by Michael at 1142

For those of you who haven’t updated to MacOS X 10.4 Tiger yet, or who use Windows, the program that inspired the “Widget” technology in OS X 10.4 is now free. You used to have to pay for this program, but Yahoo! just bought it and now gives it away for free. I downloaded it last night. It’s a cool program, but you can easily cluter your desktop beyond recognition.

Download itnow at www.konfabulator.com

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