19 June 2016

Photos from Alexandria, Virginia

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Christ Church, Alexandria VAWhile visiting my cousin in the Northern Virginia suburbs of DC, we made an excursion to Alexandria. Besides walking the historic streets of the city, we took a tour of Christ Church. The significance of this building is that George Washington was a member of it as was Robert E Lee. You can sit in President Washington’s seat which has also supported the butts of the last 20 US presidents (except President Obama as of yet) plus Winston Churchill. Talk about sitting on history!

Check out the photos right here!

11 June 2005

Major Site Renovation

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I switched to Adobe GoLive as my web site software. I was previosuly using an ancient program called Claris Homepage. It just couldn’t keep up and it didn’t run under OS X. Whle I was moving it over I made a lot of changes to the site. Many of them are asthetic changes and behind the scenes stuff, but I did change a few things that you might want to know about:

– added more photos to the Photos section (Food, Washington DC Trip, Willow Grove Air Show)
– added a google search to the site on the homepage
– added this blog
– added some links and removed others
– added a section in Links to collect the sites I talk about in this blog

I also corrected many formatting problems.

Those of you who use my family tree site… It will be updated next!

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