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The Gattis Come to America


On September 09, 1922 the a ship named the Colombo departed Genoa, Italy for New York. Aboard this ship, in Steerage class, were five members of the Gatti family. On September 20, 1922 Louisa Monzeglio Gatti and four of her children, Larry, Rose, Caesar and Frank took up residence in the United States. They went to stay with William at 272 Bleaker Street in New York City. Louisa had $100 in her possession and Caesar and Frank each had $25.

A little info on the ship...
The San Gennaro was built by Palmer's Shipbuilding & Iron Company, Newcastle, England in 1917 for Sicula-Americana. In 1921 it was sold to Navigazione Generale Italiana Line and sailed under the Italian flag. After serving the Italy to New York route it also served the Italy to South America route. In 1949 the Colombo was scrapped.


12,003 gross tons

Service Speed:

17 knots


536 feet


2,800 total


64 feet


100 first class


steam quadruple
expansion engines
with twin screws


700 second class


2,000 third class

Below is a copy of the original records from Ellis Island. I have edited out all but our family members for the sake of file size and ease of viewing. I have copies of the complete record available if you want it, or they can acquired for free from ellisisland.org. I have also left the person after our family in there because I am currently looking into a family connection there.

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Manifest 1

Manifest 2


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