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Famous Gattis

While we would all like to think our family is the most well-known Gatti clan in the world, there are some others with whom we share the spotlight. Here are some other famous Gattis who we could be related to in some really distant way that I don't know about.
Mr. Gatti's

Mr. Gatti's Pizza
a popular pizza chain in Texas, Louisiana and the southeast United States

a chain of "entertainment centers" operated by Austin, TX based Mr Gatti's Pizza
another huge entertainment center run by Mr. Gatti's Pizza
Ice Cream
Carlo Gatti
Jennifer Gatti

Gatti's Ice Cream
a chain of Italian ice cream shops in South Africa

Carlo Gatti
introduced ice cream to the public in England

Jennifer Gatti
an actress known for her roles in various Star Trek series and soap operas

Arturo Gatti
Gatti-Casazza Time Cover

Arturo Gatti
famous in the sport of boxing

Urban Dictionary
apparently Gatti is now slang for good pizza
Giulio Gatti-Casazza
director of the La Scala Opera Company in Milan, Italy, and director of the Metropolitan Opera Company (also has a connection to Celia Gatti)
Attilio Gatti
Bernardino gatti
Attilio Gatti
famous Italian explorer of Africa, author and film maker in the first half of the 20th century
Bernardino Gatti
Italian painter of religious paintings who lived in the 15th and 16th centuries.
Gaspare Antonio Pietro "Luigi" Gatti
owner of several London Restaurants who perished on the Titanic
gatti's Restaurant
Gatti's Restaurant
a restaurant in London whose menu makes me wish I were on the other side of the pond
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