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Reunion Mug

2002 Gatti Family Reunion

On October 19, 2002 over 70 members of the Gatti Family came together for an unprecedented gathering in Staten Island, NYC. Some cousins saw each other for the first time in years and many met for the very first time. Relatives came from New Jersey, New York, Florida, North Carolina and California just to name a few. Whether from near or far, everyone felt at home.

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Generation E
Generation E
Back Row: Rudy Gatti. Christine Gatti, Nelson Panazzolo, Don Pallila, Sonny Gatti, Vanda Gatti, Raymond Gatti, Joseph Pesola; Middle Row: Emil Gatti, Georgette Pallila, Robert McDonough, George Cimborsky, Alicia Lopez, Ida Gatti, Rita Gatti; Front Row: Nancy Gatti, Lois McDonough, Cecile Cimborsky, Ron Gatti, MaryAnn Pesola
Generation F
Generation F
Back Row: Robert Panazzolo, Gregory Yuskaitis, Kenneth Gatti, Karen Pallila, Philip Pallila, Paul Jacobs, Ronald Gatti, Michael Belores; Middle Row: Michael Gatti, Cynthia Yuskaitis, Cathy Panazzolo, Claire Panazzolo, Glenn Panazzolo, Barbara Jacobs, Lisa Panazzolo, Jean Marie Pesola; Front Row: Edward Cimborsky, Roseann McDonough, Allison Palilla, Deborah Martyn; Floor: Raymond Killeen
Generation G
Generation G
Back Row: Christina Jekonski, Justin Gatti, Amy Jacobs, Thomas Panazzolo, Julieanne Jekonski; Middle Row: Jordan Cimborsky, Andrew Yuskaitis, Victoria Yuskaitis; Front Row: Sydney Belores, Nicole Panazzolo, Rebecca Yuskaitis, Marigrace Yuskaitis, Michelle Panazzolo, Jordan Belores; Floor: Liam Pallila, Devon Pallila
We even made the newspaper!

SI Advance Photo

This photo appeared in the Staten Island Advance on October 30, 2002.

Nelson and Michael
Nelson and Michael with the fruit
of their work, the family tree
Nelson and Georgette
Nelson and Georgette speak
to the gathered family
Nelson, Nancy, Ray & Vandy
Lots of conversations
and smiles all around
Mug Table
Everyone got a keepsake
cappuccino mug to take home.
Emil and Nelson
Nelson and Emil supervise
the cleanup after the party
Nelson's genealogy albums were a big hit!
Looking at albums
Looking at albums
Looking at albums
Looking at albums
Everyone paused for a photo op at some point.
Nelson & Emil
Alicia, Rita & twins
Nelson & Georgette
Emil & Nancy
Ken & Deb
No Italian family gathering is complete without a huge dessert table.

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