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Gatti Family Grave Site

While there are members of the Gatti family buried through the country and probably the world, the largest family grave site is at Saint John's Cemetery in New York City. This historic 169 acre cemetery is located in Middle Village, Queens.

Saint John's is probably best known for being New York's "mob Cemetery." Its very large and ornate private mausoleums and the Cloisters building bear the names approximately 30 organized crime figures including Frank Abbundando, Joe (Joseph) Colombo, Neill (Aniello) "The Hat" Dellacroce, Carmine "Lilo" Galante, Carlo Gambino, Vito Genovese, John Gotti, Salvatore "Lucky Luciano" Lucania & Joseph Profaci.

However, there are 2 much more modest grave sites that are of importance to the Gatti Family. The first is a mausoleum which unlike most others, bears no last name.  It instead reads Celia-Rose. The family members interred in this structure are Celia Gatti, the ashes of Gene DeMichelis (behind the altar), Rosalie (Gatti) Panazzolo, Joseph Panazzolo, Nelson Panazzolo (in the floor crypt) & Diana Panazzolo (in the floor crypt) and the ashes of Richie Gatti (in the wooden box urn, under the Pieta statue).

Mausoleum Exterior
Mausoleum Interior

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Very nearby is the Gatti plot in which Louisa Gatti, her sons Caesar, Joseph, & Frank, Frank's wife Josephine, and Bill Gatti are buried.

Headstone Base

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