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A Gatti Family Owned Restaurant

Over 100 years old, the Lido was the oldest operating restaurant in Staten Island. In its last almost 5 decades, beginning in 1946, it was owned by the Gatti family. Frank & Josie made the Lido what it was, before Richie & Rudy eventually took over the task of running it. Frank bought the Lido because he didn't think the money he made working at the Bethlehem Steel shipyard would be enough to support his new son, Richie. Josie later joined him working in the restaurant when Richie was about 3 or 4 years old. Later when they took over, Rudy was the chef and Richie took care of the dining room and bar.

The restaurant was located on Victory Blvd. on Staten Island, not far from the ferry terminal. It's no longer in operation, but the sign is still on the building. It's family atmosphere drew customers from all walks of life. There were even a few local characters who frequented the bar and were frequently tossed out of the bar by Richie and Bob.

The list of family members who worked at the Lido through the years is much too long to list here. And those who were not family were treated like family right up until the day the Lido closed its doors for good in 1996.

For more background and to get a feel for what the Lido was all about, take a look at this 1990 article from the Staten Island Advance.

Lido Article


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