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The Gatti portion of my family tree currently spans 8 Generations beginning with my Great-Great-Great-Grandparents and ending with the second generation after my own. While it already contains a lot of info, I hope to continue adding much more.  What you see on this website is a small portion of my total genealogy database. Some more will make it to the website, some will make it only to the printed version of the tree.

Gatti Yahoo! Group

Many members of the Gatti family keep in touch via our Gatti Family Yahoo! Group. We exchange messages, photos and much more. We're a fun bunch! Visit it here or use the button below to join...

The Gattis
As you can probably tell by my last name, the Gatti name comes from my father's side of the family. To be more specific, it is my paternal grandfather's family. Originally from northern Italy, my ancestors came to the United States via Ellis Island in the 1920's. They started out in the New York City area, but have since branched way out and are spread throughout the country.

You'll learn much more about the family as you explore the various sections of this site. If you want more info about anything, please feel free to contact me.

A Quote
You probably already know that Nelson Panazzolo started the Gatti portion of the family tree. My favorite quote from him is...

"Where the Gattis originally started I don't know. It might have been Calabria since the Calabrese are known as 'teste dure' (hard heads) and so are the Gattis."

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