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I've always believed that learning about my family's history is an important endeavor. Knowing where we come from helps us understand where we are going and why. It also helps us understand how we got to where we are today. No matter how far apart our family spreads the branches of the tree still connect everyone. It's my hope that this family tree will outlive us all in some shape or form.

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Ethnic Background
When exploring my family's history you will find ancestors who are Italian, German, Irish, Pennsylvania Dutch (early German settlers of Pennsylvania) and American Indian. You may wonder how someone named Gatti would have such a diverse ethnic background. Well, besides the Gattis, my family includes folks named Toretta, Stroup, Paull and more. The chart above lays it out.


Worldwide Reach
One of the most unexpected, yet most rewarding parts of creating and maintaining this website has been the response it has recieved from people all over the world who share a surname or who are looking for more info on their own family. Click here to read more...

Special thanks to...
Nancy (Stroup) Gatti - for her help in editing and proofing my data as well as the MANY blanks that she has filled in all parts of my tree

Nelson Panazzolo - for getting me interested in genealogy and for doing the research that is the foundation for the Gatti portion of my tree

Suzzette (Kruger) Stoutenberg - for sharing all of her great research of the Paull part of our family

Site Updates

Additional updates available in the genealogy section of my blog

September 1, 2012
It's been forever since I've posted an update to the family tree website and I know that there have been many new additions to the Gatti family, especially in Ray and Kathy's branches of the tree. I'll get them added eventually. In the meantime, they've been kind enough to share all their happy news in the Gatti Family Yahoo! Group.

On the Paull side of the family, there's also some exciting news. Theresa Tull (my first cousin twice removed, aka. my maternal grandmother's first cousin) is now a published author. Her book, A Long Way from Runnemede - One Woman's Foreign Service Journey chronicles her fascinating career as a US Ambassador during several presidential administrations. This space is not nearly long enough to list all of her adventures and accomplishments, but it's really worth checking the book out on Amazon or learn more on the Paull page.

September 21, 2010
Sadly, the last member of what is known in the Gatti Family Tree as Generation D passed away yesterday. Marion Virginia (Toon) Gatti, better known as Ginny was the sole surviving member of her generation. She was married to Larry Gatti making her my great aunt. She was 96 years old. As you can read on the family tree, she leaves quite a legacy in her daughters Alicia, Rita and Kathy and her grandchildren/great-grandchildren.

January 14, 2010
Despite the fact that I haven't made any huge changes to this site in a while, my genealogy research and work is not by any means dead. I've been working on updating my database and filling in many blanks in the Paull branches of my family tree, especially the Tulls. However, I haven't had time to put any of that data in a web-friendly format yet. If you want info, please don't hesitate to contact me and ask any questions you may have.

August 10, 2008
It doesn’t seem at all possible that more than 6 months have passed since the death of my father. I’ve created memorial pages on this site for other family members, but I felt like I should make something more substantial for my Dad. What started out as a page on this site has slowly evolved into emilgatti.com.

Please feel free to visit and take a look at the photos, stories, biography, etc. Then if you have anything you’d like to add about my Dad, please submit it by using the links on the site. I know that there are more stories and details to be added, but I rely on the the people who know them to share them.

Go to www.emilgatti.com for info.

January 20, 2008
The number of family members in the Gatti tree has once again increased. I just added Rachel Marie Walden, the new wife of Nathan Toon to the tree.

December 25, 2007
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here's wishing all members of the extended family a joyous Christmas season! Hopefully you're as lucky as I am to be able to take the week off and spend time with family and friends.

November 12, 2007
Not long ago, we came very close to losing my father. When he choked on food at a diner, a fellow diner rushed to his aid. I just posted some photos of a presentation of a proclamation honoring the hero. They are right here.

August 27, 2007
Just when I thought the Gatti family tree was up to date Debbie's branch of the tree has sprouted yet another new leaf. OK, maybe I'm taking the tree metaphor a bit far! Please welcome Micah John Bowling to the family. He was born August 24th to Wendy and Michael Bowling.

For those keeping score, that makes 6 members of Generation H of the Gatti tree, all of whom are grandchildren of Debbie and great-grandchildren of Sonny and Dot.

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