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Emil and Nancy's
30th Anniversary Luau

Nancy and Emil at Luau

Thanks to everyone who came and made the luau such a huge success.
Special thanks to the family members who helped out with the setup and cleanup!

Luau Photos View some of the many photos from the event here.

(if you'd like un-watermarked copies of any of the photos, please contact me)

About the Luau

As long as I can remember, my mother wanted to have a luau at our house. She went to Hawaii twice in a month in the 70's. When we were kids, my mom had a few packs of bamboo skewers that my sister & I would want to use to roast marshmallows. We'd always be told told "No, they're for the luau!"

After my father spent several months in the hospital this year, I decided that we should celebrate my parents' 30th anniversary and my father's 70th birthday with a luau. My parents' anniversary isn't for a few more months, but winter isn't the best time for a luau. My dad's birthday was earlier in the year, but he couldn't enjoy it because he was in the hospital. We totally surprised him by having a cake and celebrating it at the luau.

After 2 months of careful planning, weeks of watching the weather forecast and 3 days of cooking, the party went off without a hitch. We turned the shed into aTiki Hut, decorated every inch of the yard and I cooked all Hawaiian dishes.

Speaking of food, the menu was as follows:

Roast Pig Pickled Peppers and Onions
Marinated Teriyaki Chicken Potato Macaroni Salad
Ginger Lime Shrimp over Rice

Mango Bread
Haupia w/ Pineapple (traditional Hawaiian coconut pudding)
Fresh Cut Pineapple
Anniversary Cake
Birthday Cake

Plus I made Mai Tai Punch.

I created a 40 minute photo slideshow that was shown on a 10 foot screen. I intended for it to be a background thing that would repeat throughout the evening but amazingly everyone sat in silence and watched the whole thing. If I had known that was going to happen, I would've made it shorter! :-)



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