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The Screen Savers Seminar
June 2001
The Screen Savers was a fantastic show on a cable network called ZDTV (later changed to TechTV). The network is no more, but I was lucky enough to meet the hosts of the show and attend a seminar they gave when they travelled to Cherry Hill, NJ. Ironically, the seminar was hosted by Comcast, the same company that later bought TechTV and ran it into the ground.

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01 Leo 04 Pat 05 Pat
Leo had to be called down from his hotel room to repair the projector before the show. Geeks get no sleep!
Patrick displays a laser disc he found on the side of the road
Patrick giving his his presentation
07 Pat 08 Tux 13 Leo
Patrick takes a few minutes to talk to a few of us after his part of the seminar
The infamous tux! He was raffled off, but I didn't win.
Leo speaks about the future of tech
14 Leo
Leo speaks about the future of tech



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