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California - Day 8
August - September 2004
Pacific Grove, Spreckels, Lost Hills, California agricultural land, Bradley, Paso Robles, Los Angeles, JP Getty Museum, Torrance

(click any photo for a larger version)

8-03 Spreckels Sugar Mill 8-04 Spreckels Fire Dept 8-07 Mountains
The old sugar mill in Spreckels
Spreckels fire department - definately a small town
Mountains - notice that the live oaks are the only thing that are green
8-08 San Miguel Mission 8-09 San Andreas Fault 8-11 Alicia at Nut Store
Mission at San Miguel - history has forgotten this town
Passing over the San Andreas Fault - there were 236 minor earthquakes in California during the week I was there
Alicia with a James Dean cutout at Blackwell's Corner in Lost Hills. Besides selling some really delicious fresh nuts, this place is known for being the last place James Dean visited before dying.
8-12 Nut Trees in Lost Hills 8-13 Oil Wells in Lost Hills 8-14 Oil Wells in Lost Hills
These are the trees where the delicious nuts we bought were grown, in Lost Hills
An oil field right next to the road in Lost Hills. This was a very unfamiliar sight for me!
An oil field right next to the road in Lost Hills. This was a very unfamiliar sight for me!
8-19 CA Aquaduct 8-22 Getty Museum 8-23 Getty Sign
The California Aquaduct brings water from the Sierras down to the desert to irrigate the crops
The entrance to the J Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles after taking the mountainside tram up
J Paul Getty Museum
8-25 Getty Garden 8-27 Los Angeles 8-28 Century City
The Gardens at The Getty
Looking out over Los Angeles from The Getty
Century City seen from The Getty
8-29 Downtown LA 8-30 Los Angeles 8-31 405 and Sunset Blvd
Downtown Los Angeles seen from The Getty featuring the sterotypical Los Angeles smog
Los Angeles seen from the Getty
Intersection of the 405 Freeway and Sunset Boulevard as seen from the Getty
8-32 Sunset
Finally a California sunset! The sun setting over the mountains at The Getty Museum



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