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Christmas at Winterthur
December 2006
Winterthur was originally the home of Henry Francis DuPont. Situated in the Brandywine Valley just north of Wilmington, Delaware, it's great place to spend a day any time of year. However, when Beth and I visited it was the Christmas season which made it even better. A Christmas tour of the house and a walk through the huge naturalistic gardens in the crisp Winter air made the day so much fun! we both were both so in the Christmas spirit by the time we left.

(click any photo for a larger version)

01 Gardens 02 House 06 Pool and House
The grounds of Winterthur
The DuPont house
The reflecting pool and the DuPont house
08 Koi Pond 11 Koi Pond 13 Farm
The koi pond
The koi pond
Farmland on the property
16 Farm 17 Sycamore 19 Christmas Balls
Farmland on the property
Sycamore tree
You need a big house to have ornaments this big!
20 Sled 21 German Tree 22 Moravian Tree
A Christmas sled
The German Christmas tree that started a lot of traditions
The Moravian Christmas tree
24 Chinese Mural Room 25 Better Home and Gardens 29 Poinsettias
Chinese mural room
Antique Better Homes and Gardens
Poinsettias set the Christmas mood
31 Poinsettias 32 Cellophane Booklet 33 Dining Table
Poinsettias set the Christmas mood
Wrap your gifts in cellophane, compliments of DuPont Chemical Company
The famous DuPont dining room table
34 Carolers 35 Gardens 39 Table and Chairs
Carolers get everyone in the Christmas spirit
Winterthur gardens
Table and chairs
40 Playhouse 41 Maypole 44 Bridge
A great little playhouse
The May Pole
Quaint little bridge
46 Bird Nest 48 Sundial Garden 51 Gardens
Now that is one big bird's nest!
The sundial garden with the conifer collection in the background
The sun shines on the Winterthur grounds with the DuPont mansion in the background
55 Pool 57 Gazebo
Looking down to the reflecting pool



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