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Fall on the Atlantic City Boardwalk
October 2007
On a recent trip to Atlantic City, I spent some time gambling, but spent even more time out on the boardwalk because the weather was so clear and beautiful. It was a great day for taking pictures. Some people think summer is the best time to go to shore. I'd much rather go in the fall.

(click any photo for a larger version)

02 Korean War Memorial 05 Beach Path 06 Steel's Fudge
New Jersey Korean War Memorial on the boardwalk
You couldn't ask for better weather
Steel's Fudge is a Ocean City institution
10 Resorts 12 Steel Pier 21 Beach and Boardwalk
Even though I seldom go there, I like how Resorts still has an oldtime classic AC look instead of the big glass skyscraper look
Steel Pier
Looking down the beach and boardwalk from the Garden Pier
24 Steel Pier 26 Mister Peanut 27 Pappat's
Steel Pier in the afternoon
Mister Peanut!
A lunch of cheese fries and funnel cake is appropriate for a day on the boardwalk. Lucky for me sugar and carbs don't count on the boardwalk.
28 Irish Pub
The Irish Pub has some of the best fish and chips around. Emily and I make a trip down there at least once a year.



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