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Mount Holly Fire and Ice Festival
January 2007
Being a big fan of the winter and cold weather, I jumped at the chance to go to the the Fire and Ice Festival in Mount Holly, NJ. I wasn't there for the Fire portion which was a chili cook-off, but the Ice portion was a ice carving competition. Besides the cool ice sculptures there was also a dog sledding demonstration, Philadelphia Zoo on Wheels, fire engine rides, etc. It was a classic small town winter festival. It could have been colder, but it was a ton of fun nonetheless.

(click any photo for a larger version)

02 Ninja 04 Lion 05 Bird
An artist carving a ninja
Carving a lion
This professional sculpture decorated the Robin's Nest restaurant
06 Tire 10 Palette 12 Carver
You don't often see a tire ice sculpture. This one represented a sponsor.
I thought this decorative piece was cool because of how clear it was.
The festival drew crowds that filled the narrow street
13 Woman 15 Carving Neptune 21 Neptune
I don't have a completed picture of this one because he ran out of time and didn't get much father than this.
This guy from Long Island was by far the best ice carver at the festival. He was carving King Neptune.
This amazing King Neptune was the best at the festival
22 Carving Neptune 26 Commerce Bank 28 Lion
Making snow with a chainsaw
This sculpture was an advertisement for Commerce Bank, but I thought it was neat because of the color in it.
The completed lion
29 Ninja 31 Stream 33 Sled Dog
The ninja is complete
Rancocas Creek
One of the sled dogs
34 Sled Dog 36 Sled Dogs 37 Sled Dogs
One of the sled dogs
Sled dogs
Sled dogs
41 Sled Dogs 46 Owl 49 Neptune Detail
Sled dogs
Owl from the Philadelphia Zoo
Close-up of the intricate details on the King Neptune carving
50 House
It's nice to see Christmas decorations still up at the end of January



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