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Mystic Seaport
April 2007
While I was in Connecticut visiting Chrissy we took a trip to historic Mystic Seaport. It's the first time I've been there since I was a kid. We also stopped in Groton, CT and had a delicious dinner at the very popular Paul's Pasta Shop. The last place we went before heading home was Essex which is another historic town.

(click any photo for a larger version)

02 Mystic Seaport Sign 04 Gazebo 05 Clock
Welcome to Mystic Seaport
The gazebo at Mystic Seaport
A Rolex clock
08 Whaling Shed 09 Mystic River 10 Joseph Conrad
Mystic whaling shed
Looking out over the Mystic River
The Joseph Conrad
11 Mystic River 12 Wheel 14 Charles W Morgan Masts
Looking out over the Mystic River
The ship's wheel aboard the Charles W Morgan
The masts of the Charles W Morgan
16 Mystic River 18 Stove 19 Charles W Morgan
Looking out over the Mystic River
Antique stove
The Charles W Morgan
27 Pharmacy 30 Anchor 33 Whale
Interior of the drug store
A big antique anchor. Don't climb on it.
A whale from the New England Whale Trail. We saw some of these in Westerly, Rhode Island in 2005 also.
35 Ale Sign 36 Joseph Conrad 37 Oyster Shack
I don't think you'll actually find a drink for a nickel!
The Joseph Conrad on the Mystic River
Thomas Oyster Company
39 Lighthouse 41 Shops 42 Regina M and CW Morgan
Lighthouse at Mystic Seaport
Looking down the row of shops
The Regina M and the Charles W Morgan
45 Shipbuilding 49 Mystic Drawbridge 50 Mystic Pizza
Inside the restoration shipyard
The Mystic Drawbridge. If it looks familiar, you probably saw the movie Mystic Pizza.
Speaking of Mystic Pizza, here's the place that inspired the movie
51 Paul's Pasta 52 Essex CT Sign
When I think of Groton, Connecticut, the only thing I usually think of is Subase New London. However, now I also think of the great meal we had at Paul's Pasta.
We also stopped in Essex, CT. It's another one of the 1,000 Places to Before You Die.



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