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Koziar's Christmas Village
December 2008
As you come over the hill on the appropriately named Grandview Drive, you see nothing but Christmas lights in the dark farm country. the last time I went to Koziar's Christmas Village was as a little kid. It's changed a lot and is even cooler now. We stopped there on a whim after visiting the Bethlehem Chriskindlmarkt.

(click any photo for a larger version)

3-03 Barn 3-06 Ferris Wheel 3-08 House
One of the first things you see is the massive barn all lit up
I used a long exposure to capture this ferris wheel
Every building is covered wiith lights
3-10 Oscar, Elmo & Cokie Monster 3-12 Snoopy 3-13 Garfield
Oscar was always my favorite Sesame Street character
Snoopy and Christmas just seem to go to together
3-14 Donkeys 3-15 Covered Wagon 3-17 Flag
North Pole or Bust!
Patriotism in Christmas lights
3-20 Pond & Waterfall 3-21 View from Bridge 3-24 Village
The pond was mostly frozen over
Looking out over the village from the footbridge
Looking out over the village, there are lights as far as you can see
3-25 Train Platform 3-28 Train Platform
Train platforms adorn the gift shop and snack bar areas
Train platforms adorn the gift shop and snack bar areas



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