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New Year's Eve 2008 Food
December 2008
These photos might eventually be moved to my food section, but I thought I'd give them their own section since they are the first pictures I've taken of a New year's spread in about 5 years. I wound up going with an international theme. It sort of happened organically as I realized I'd picked out several ethnic dishes.

(click any photo for a larger version)

9-02 Taco Dip 9-03 Spanokopita Meatballs 9-04 Bruschetta
Representing Mexico, my mother's famous Taco Dip
On behalf of Greece, Spanokopita Chicken Meatballs with homemade Tzatziki
Because you have to have something Italian, Bruschetta
9-06 Beef Bulgogi & Knishes 9-07 Crabmeat Parmesian Canapes 9-08 Food Table
From Korea, my Beef Bulgogi has a big hit and the handmade Jewish Knishes were great too.
Even though we're not fans of real French food, the Crabmeat Parmesian canapes have been a New Year's Eve staple.
My New Year's Eve spread in all its glory



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