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Newport, Rhode Island
June 2009
While on an extended business trip to Naval Station Newport, I got a chance to get out on the weekend and do some sightseeing. Besides walking about 10 miles, I took tours of two mansions (The Breakers & Marble House), toured the Breaker's stables & carriage house, walked part of the Cliff Walk and did some shopping. If you have to unexpectedly get stuck somewhere, Newport is a good choice!

(click any photo for a larger version)

(01) 05 Boats & Newport Bridge (02) 07 King's Park Gazebo (03) 08 Rocks & Rhode Island Sound
You can barely see the Newport Bridge through all the boats anchored in the harbor
King's Park in Newport
The Rhode Island Sound
(04) 15 The Breakers Gates (05) 11 The Breakers (06) 13 Lamp Post
Like everything at the Breakers mansion, the gates are huge
The Breakers mansion is beyond huge
This makes my little solar lights look really pathetic
(07) 21 The Breakers (08) 23 The Breakers (09) 24 The Breakers
The back of the Breakers is as impressive as the front
The back of the Breakers is as impressive as the front
The side of the Breakers mansion
(10) 28 Vinland (McAuley Hall) (11) 46 Marble House (12) 32 Marble House
The Vinland mansion is now McAuley Hall at Regina Salve University
Marble House
Marble House
(13) 36 Marble House (14) 39 Marble House (15) 44 Marble House
The rear of Marble House
The rear of Marble House
Marble House has quite a backyard
(16) 38 Chinese Tea House (17) 43 Chinese Tea House (18) 41 Rhode Island Sound
The Chinese Tea House behind Marble House
The Chinese Tea House behind Marble House
Rhode Island Sound as seen from Marble House's back lawn
(19) 42 Mansion (20) 48 The Breakers Carriage House (21) 47 The Breakers Stables
One of Newport's many mansions
The Breakers Carriage House
The Breakers Carriage House
(22) 50 Marina (23) 52 Trinity Church (24) 53 Hurdy Gurdy Statue
The marina is busy all summer
Trinity Church is an Newoprt icon
You just don't see enough statues honroing Hurdy Gurdy men



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