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Charles Town & Harpers Ferry, WV
June 2009
The last leg of our Western Maryland and West Virginia trip took us to Charles Town Races & Casino then to Harper's Ferry National Historic Park. Harper's Ferry is fascinating on so many levels. This pivotal location in the Civil War has played a part in the history of many eras.

(click any photo for a larger version)

4-01 West Virginia Sign 4-02 Charles Town Races Racetrack 4-06 Charles Town Races Racetrack
Welcome to West Virginia
Charles Town Races has a beautiful track and very impressive casino
Charles Town Races has a beautiful track and very impressive casino
4-07 Charles Town Races Racetrack 4-09 Charles Town Court House 5-02 Winchester & Potomac Railroad Trestle
Charles Town Races has a beautiful track and very impressive casino
This is a rough picture but is the only one I managed to snap of the Charles Town Court House where John Brown was tried and convicted
Winchester & Potomac Railroad Trestle at Harper's Ferry
5-03 Shenandoah Street 5-04 Shenandoah Street 5-05 Wetland Museum & John Brown Museum
Shenandoah Street at Harper's Ferry
Shenandoah Street at Harper's Ferry
Wetland Museum & John Brown Museum at Harper's Ferry
5-08 Train Bridge 5-10 Train Tunnel 5-11 Appalachian Trail Sign
Walking along the Appalachian Trail across a railroad bridge at Harper's Ferry
Harper's Ferry train tunnel
The Appalachian Trail passes through Harper's Ferry
5-17 Steps 5-19 Amtrak Train 5-21 Amtrak Train & Tunnel
These old steps aren't for the weak-hearted
Harper's Ferry still has an active train station
Harper's Ferry train tunnel
5-23 General Store 5-24 Building 5-25 Lewis & Clark Trail Sign
The General Store is now a bike shop, but the old building is still cool
Historic laundry :-)
The Lewis & Clark Trail also passes through Harper's Ferry
5-26 Building 5-27 White Horse Tavern 5-29 Clothing Store
Historic buildings surround you in Harper's Ferry
The White Horse Tavern
Before Wal-Mart, there was this
5-31 Wall & Trestle 5-32 Saint Peter's Church & Trestle 5-35 Duck
Not too much to say about a wall and a railroad trestle
Saint Peter's Church towers over the Winchester & Potomac Railroad Trestle
A duck enjoys the Shenandoah River
5-38 Shenandoah River 5-40 House 5-41 Blacksmith Shop
The Shenandoah River
Something makes me think this house used to be bigger
The Blacksmith Shop was closed the day we were at Harper's Ferry
5-42 Shenandoah Canal
Somewhere below all that algae is the Shenandoah Canal



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