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Yankee Candle Village Fall Festival
October 2009
When you think of Yankee Candle Village, it sounds like a candle store. Wow, is it so much more. We spent about 4 hours there. Though that does also include lunch at Chandler's Restaurant. The village includes a toy store, home store, candy shop, Bavarian Village, Christmas Village and even a place where you can make your own candles or cast your hands in wax. One of my favorites was the candlemaking museum. We also stopped at The Old Deerfield Country Store which is right down the street.

(click any photo for a larger version)

4-10 Snow Sign 4-11 Christmas Tree 4-13 Suit of Armor
In the Bavarian Village section of the Yankee Candle VIllage, it snows all year long.
It's Christmas all year long.
Yankee Candle takes guarding its candles quite seriously.
4-14 Steins 4-17 Jelly Beans 4-19 Pickle Ornaments
All real German steins are expensive (and worth the price) but this one will set you back $6,000!
The Yankee Candle Candy Store is enough to make any adult feel like a kid.
Some people put pickles on their burgers, some put them on their Christmas tree
4-21 Yankee Candle Village Exterior 4-24 Chandler's Restaurant 4-25 Yankee Candle Village Exterior
The outside of Yankee Candle Village all decked out for Fall
We had a delicious lunch at Chandler's restaurant
Have you ever seen such huge mums?
4-26 Yankee Candle Village Wagon 4-27 Horse & Carriage 4-28 Yankee Candle Cow
Nothing says Fall like a wagon full of pumpkins
Horse drawn wagon rides
Yes, that is a cow with Yankee Candles painted all over it
4-31 Yankee Candle Village Porch 4-32 Fresh Yankee Candles 4-33 Yankee Candle Making Museum
The porches around Yankee Candle Village are the perfect place sit and enjoy the Fall weather. There are also rocking chairs that are way more confortable than these church benches.
Fresh made Yankee Candles in the Candlemaking Museum
The Yankee Candle Candlemaking Museum
4-37 Mums & Pumpkins 4-38 Yankee Candle Village Exterior 4-39 Yankee Candle Scent Wall
Pumpkins and mums abound at the Yankee Candle Village Fall Festival
The outside of Yankee Candle Village all decked out for Fall
Open a door in the wall and smell a candle
4-41 Yankee Candle Making Station 4-42 King Candle 5-01 Old Deerfield Country Store Sign
Make your own Yankke Candle
King Candle is over 20 years old and weight 1377 pounds!
The Old Deerfield Country Store is just down the road from Yankee Candle Village
5-03 Tree & Pumpkins 5-04 Old Deerfield Country Store 5-05 Farm Stand
Colorful foliage and pumpkins, key ingredients in a New England Autumn
The Old Deerfield Country Store is just down the road from Yankee Candle Village
I would've bought some pumpkins but lugging them back from Massachussetts might've been a pain.



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