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Alaska - Day 9 - Seward & Anchorage
July 2010
In the not so dark early morning hours of Day 9, the ship docked in Seward, AK. After breakfast, we disembarked and began the second half of our trip on land. We met our tour guide, an Alaskan transplant from Australia named Julie, boarded a bus and headed up to Anchorage. After walking around the city and having reindeer sausage for lunch we visited the Alaska Native Heritage Center. We spent the evening in Anchorage and had dinner at a place I found online before we left home. We also booked another flight to a glacier for the following day which was a big goal of the trip.

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02 Otter 06 Seward 07 Seward Sign
This otter was playing outside our window in Seward for quite awhile.
We were greeted with clear weather in Seward.
We got off the ship and started our trek into Alaska's interior in Seward.
08 Seward 13 Tugboat 15 Mountain
The morning fog was just clearing as we got into Seward.
A tugboat in Seward
You can never see too many snow covered mountains
16 Mountains 17 Houses 23 Otter
Seward is nestled among the mountains
They've got neighbors but not many of them.
This otter was playing by our ship in Seward for quite awhile.
29 Alaska Range 31 Denali 32 Reindeer Sausage Sign
Our first glimpse of the Alaska Range
Amazingly we could see Denali (aka Mt. McKinley) from over 200 miles away in Anchorage.
We had reindeer sausage from a cart for lunch while listening to the Air Force Band from Elmendorf AFB.
34 Mom & Stuffed Beaver 36 Mom & Stuffed Moose 37 Anchorage
The t-shirt says "I can see Russia from my house." The stuffed critter wearing it is more qualified to govern as the person who it's quoting.
Our first moose sighting!
Downtown Anchorage
38 Distance Sign 39 Vancouver Distance Sign 40 Fairbanks Distance Sign
Anchorage, Air Crossroads of the World
1309 miles away from where we started
358 miles away from our destination
41 New York Distance Sign 42 Flower Bed 44 Iditarod Dog Statue
The east coast is FAR away!
Flowers grow fast and bright in the long Alaskan days
The Iditarod starts in Anchorage.
45 Iditarod Mural 46 Iditarod Mural 49 Totem Carvers
The Iditarod starts in Anchorage.
Later in our trip we'll see both Jeff King and Lance Mackey.
Carving a totem pole
51 Totem Carver 53 Tlingit Home Interior 56 Tlingit Home Exterior
The totem carvers are amazing artisans
The interior of a Tlingit home at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.
The small doorway on this Tlingit home helped keep out intruders.
57 Totem Pole 58 Aleut Home Exterior 60 Aleut Demonstration
Totem pole at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.
Aleut mound home
Learning about Aleut traditions
62 Grey Whale Skeleton 64 Medicine Man Presentation 71 Anchorage View from Marriott
Grey whale skeleton
This medicine man's presentation was very interesting.
Our view of Anchorage from the Marriott
72 Denali View from Marriott 75 Magpie 76 Magpie
Denali (aka Mt. McKinley) as seen from our hotel room in Anchorage.
It took us a while to learn what kind of bird this was. It's a magpie.
It took us a while to learn what kind of bird this was. It's a magpie.
77 Phyllis's Salmon Bake 78 Crab Cakes
We picked out Phyllis's Cafe & Salmon Bake for dinner online before we left home. It was a good choice.
Our dinner of crab cakes at Phyllis's Cafe & Salmon Bake




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