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Alaska - Day 13 - Fairbanks
July 2010
When our stay in Denali was over we boarded our bus for the last time and headed north to Fairbanks. Our first stop was at the Trans Alaska Pipeline. We then headed to downtown Fairbanks before taking a ride on the a sternwheeler. Before boarding the boat we saw another four time Iditarod winner, Lance Mackey. The sternwheeler ride included a stop at an Athabascan Indian village exhibit as well as a sled dog presentation by Susan Butcher’s (yet another four time Iditarod winner) daughter. After checking into our hotel which was actually an apartment complex built for pipeline workers, we went to the Alaska Salmon Bake for dinner. We enjoyed all-you-can-eat fire-roasted salmon, fried cod, fried halibut and more. After we were full and happy, we went to the antique auto museum that was at the hotel before heading to our beds in the midnight sun for one last time.

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03 Mom 04 Trans Alaska Pipeline 05 Trans Alaska Pipeline
My mother wanted to see the Trans Alaska Pipeline. On our last full day in Alaska, she got her wish.
The Trans Alaska Pipeline sits on Teflon pads because of the frequent earthquakes in Alaska.
Millions of dollars of crude oil are passing by us inside the pipeline
06 Trans Alaska Pipeline 11 Trans Alaska Pipeline Mileage Sign 17 Golden Heart Plaza Eskimo Statue
Those things sticking up from the Tran Alaska Pipeline are heatsinks
We've travelled 370 miles since starting our land tour of Alaska's interior.
Eskimo statue in Golden Heart Plaza in downtown Fairbanks
21 Golden Heart Plaza 22 Sourdough Fuel 27 Lance Mackey
Golden Heart Plaza in downtown Fairbanks
This would only make sense in Alaska.
Lance Mackey has won the Iditarod four times
29 Discovery III Sternwheeler 30 Steamboat Landing 33 Tour Guides (Julie)
A ride on the Discovery III Sternwheeler was included with our tour package
If Steamboat Landing looks empty it's because everyone is on the boat with us.
The one in the middle is our tour guide, Julie.
34 Bus Drivers (Sara Dawn) 38 Floatplane 40 Floatplane
The one in the middle is our bus driver, Sara Dawn.
Floatplanes are the easiest way to get around a state the size of Alaska
Floatplanes are the easiest way to get around a state the size of Alaska
42 American & Alaskan Flags 49 Susan Butcher's Huskies 50 Susan Butcher's Huskies
American & Alaskan Flags
Susan Butcher won the Iditarod four times. This kennel belonged to her before she passed away.
Susan Butcher's huskies
51 Susan Butcher's Husky Puppy 55 Athabascan Indian Village 56 Athabascan Fish Camp Demonstration
This puppy is done with his swim
The Sternwheeler Discovery stopped at a recreated Athabascan Indian Village
Fish camp demonstration
57 Chena & Tanana Rivers 59 Susan Butcher's Huskies 60 Susan Butcher's Huskies
This is where the Chena & Tanana Rivers come together
Susan Butcher's huskies
Susan Butcher's huskies
62 Susan Butcher's Husky 63 Susan Butcher's Husky 65 Susan Butcher's Huskies
I think he'd rather be running.
All ready to run!
Susan Butcher's daughter discusses the sport of dog mushing.
67 Athabascan Cabin & Bear Skin 68 Storage Cabin & Animal Skins 69 Indian Clothing Demonstration
That's a bear skin on that cabin
They have any kind of pelt you want.
The Athabascan clothing model in the middle also rang me up when I bought a souvenir. It's a small operation.
72 Discovery II Sternwheeler 73 Carlile Truck 74 Vehicle Plug-in Switch
Passing the other sternwheeler, Discovery II
If you're a fan of Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel then you recognize this Carlile truck
So you can turn on your engine heater without going out in the negative 50 degree weather
76 Alaska Salmon Bake Sign 78 Salmon Carving 80 Alaska Salmon Bake
The Alaska Salmon Bake was fun and delicious
I think the sign says it all... Ride salmon at your own risk.
Massive quantities of salmon over an open flame. I'm in heaven.
82 Alaska Salmon Bake 85 Antique Mining Shovel 87 Salmon Bake Sign
Salmon in its sushi stage
Antique mining shovel
Salmon bake
89 Salmon Bake Bear Carving 90 Halibut Carving 91 New York City & Los Angeles Distance Sign
Salmon sauce anyone?
Halibut anyone?
4304 miles from the East Coast
92 Yakutsk Distance Sign 93 Vehicle Heater Plug 94 Vehicle Plug-in Post
But only 2500 miles from Yakutsk, Russia
All of the cars in Fairbanks have engine heater plugs hanging out of them.
Every parking spot in Fairbanks has a place to plug in your engine heater
96 Mom
There was an antique car museum at the resort we stayed at in Fairbanks.




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