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Alaska - Day 14 - Seattle, Washington
July 2010
Despite the fact that we had an apartment instead of a hotel room in Fairbanks, we spent very little time there. In the very early (yet very light) hours of Day 14 we boarded a flight from Fairbanks to Seattle. Upon arriving in Seattle we went to Pike Place Market and then to the Space Needle. We walked around the waterfront and tried to see as much as we could in the less than 24 hours we had in the city. We ended the night with dinner of what else, but more salmon. The following morning we flew back to Philadelphia and reality.

(click any photo for a larger version)


01 City Fish Company 03 Flower Market 08 Sailboat
City Fish Company at Pike Place Market
Flowers are inexpensive and plentiful at Pike Place Market
Sailboat in the Puget Sound
09 Ferry 10 Candles 11 Pottery
One of many ferries that come and go from Seattle each day
Candles at Pike Place Market
Pottery at Pike Place Market
12 Honey 13 Cherries 14 Raspberries & Blueberries
You don't see these varieties of honey at home
Washington State cherries
Fresh Washington State raspberries & blueberries
16 Loback Meat Company Sign 17 Raspberries & Blueberries 18 Vegetables
I love old neon signs
Fresh Washington State raspberries, golden raspberries & blueberries
You can find any kind pf produce you want at Pike Place Market
20 Pike Place Fish Market 22 Salmon Sign 24 Pike Place Fish Market Sign
I wish I could take one of these on the plane with me
Mmmm, salmon
Pike Place Fish Market
25 Throwing Fish 26 Fish Head 27 Throwing Fish
Pike Place Fish Market is known for their employees' fish throwing skills.
Better than making fish head soup out of it, I guess.
It's hard to see but if you look to the lower left of the sign, you'll see a fish flying through the air.
32 Pike Place Market Sign 35 Hanging Peppers 40 Pike Place Market Sign
We went to a public market on the first and last days of our trip.
Peppers and more peppers
Pike Place Market
41 Qwest Field, Safeco Field & Mount Ranier 47 Olympic Sculpture Park Fountains 49 Olympic Sculpture Park
Qwest Field and Safeco Field with Mount Ranier in the background
Olympic Sculpture Park fountains
Olympic Sculpture Park
50 Seattle Space Needle 52 Seattle Space Needle 53 Seattle Space Needle Elevator
The Seattle Space Needle
The Seattle Space Needle
The Seattle Space Needle's elevators are almost as cool as the panoramic ones on the cruise ship.
58 Seattle Waterfront 59 Mount Ranier 60 Qwest Field, Safeco Field & Mount Ranier
Seattle Waterfront as seen from the Space Needle
Mount Ranier
Qwest Field and Safeco Field with Mount Ranier in the background
61 Qwest Field & Safeco Field 62 Seattle Skyline 66 Lake Union
Qwest Field and Safeco Field, homes of the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners
Seattle as seen from the Space Needle
Lake Union
68 Floatplane on Lake Union 74 Experience Music Project 76 KOMO 4 Helicopter
Floatplanes are here in Seattle too
Experience Music Project
KOMO 4 News helicopter
78 Chocolate Cake with Shark Chocolate 79 Cheesecake with Berries
My last dessert of the trip was a flourless chocolate cake with caramel sauce and sea salt.
My mother's last dessert of the trip was cheesecake with fresh Washington State berries.




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