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Tulip Season at Longwood Gardens
April 2010
Every time I've been to Longwood Gardens it's usually Christmas or very long ago I was there in the summer. I finally made it to Longwood for not only the Spring season, but it was the week the tulips were in full bloom. They have over 240,000 tulips!

(click any photo for a larger version)

002 Tulips 003 Tulips 005 Iceland Poppies
Before you even enter Longwood Gardens, you're greeted by hundreds of tulips
Before you even enter Longwood Gardens, you're greeted by hundreds of tulips
The Iceland Poppies were also in bloom
008 Tulips 012 Pink & White Parrot Tulips 013 Pink Tulips & Foxgloves
Purple tulips in every shade
These unique looking tulips are parrot tulips
Those tall things behind the tulips are foxgloves
014 Tulips 015 Yellow Tulips 016 Orage Tulips
The Garden Walk has every color tulip imaginable
Yellow tulips
Orange lily tulips
017 Red Tulips 020 White Tulips 023 Italian Water Garden
Deep red tulips
These little white tulips looked fake
The Italian Water Garden has always been one of my favorite parts of Longwood Gardens
028 Dogwood Blossoms 030 Yellow & Orange Tulips 031 Red & Yellow Tulips
Dogwood blossoms
Orange and yellow tulips
The fields of tulips look like a blanket
032 Orange & Yellow Tulips 036 Red & Yellow Tulips 037 Yellow Double Tulips
Orange lily tulips and yellow tulips
Yellow and red are the same color tulips that I plant at home. They don't look like these.
Double tulips
038 Pink & Yellow Tulips 043 Bee on Foxglove 044 Red Tulip in Purple Tulips
Pink and yellow multicolor tulips
A bumblebee doing what bumblebees do on a foxglove flower
One of these things isn't like the others
047 Rebar Tree 050 Wysteria 051 Tulips & Daffodils
I never knew rebar grew on trees. Must be tough to prune!
Wisteria covers the fountain theatre
Nothing says Spring like a field of tulips and daffodils
052 Hedge 054 Tulips 056 Yellow Tulips
Keeping these hedges trimmed has got to be a fulltime job
Tulips of every shape and color
Yellow tulips
059 Yellow Double Tulips 060 White & Brown Daffodils 062 Tulips
These double yellow tulips barely even look like tulips
Apparently daffodils come in colors other than white & yellow. Who knew?
This is just a small portion of the over quarter million tulips at Longwood Gardens
064 Daffodil & Lady Tulips 065 Daffodils 068 Cat with Collar
Double yellow daffodil
There are daffodils all over Longwood
I think this cat was trying to blend in with the Spring flowers
069 Daffodils 071 Red & Yellow Tulips 072 Fountain Garden
These daffodils were my personal favorite
Red & yellow multicolor tulips
The main fountain garden shows don't start for a few more weeks
074 Hawk 075 Gardenia 078 Bird of Paradise
A hawks circles above Longwood
Gardenia tree in the conservatory
Bird of Paradise
079 Yellow Calla Lily 080 Tower-of-Jewels 084 White Hyacinth
Yellow Calla Lily
Towers-of-Jewels are one of the stranger looking plants in the conservatory
I've never seen such bright white hyscinths
085 Orange Camellia 086 Pink Hydrangia & Pride-of-Tenerife 091 Calla Lily
Longwood Gardens has an extensive Camellia breeding program
The pools in the conservatory are surrounded by pink Hydrangia and Pride-of-Tenerife
White Calla Lily
093 Purple Hydrangea 094 White Orchids 095 White & Purple Orchids
Purple Hydrangea
Longwood has every kind of orchid imaginable
Longwood has every kind of orchid imaginable
096 Pink Orchids 097 Japanese Maple Bonsai 099 Japanese Black Pine Bonsai
Longwood has every kind of orchid imaginable
Bonsai trees are fascinating. This one is a Japanese Maple that has been trained for over 30 years.
Bonsai trees are fascinating. This one is a Japanese Black Pine that has been trained for over 35 years.
100 Venus Flytrap 105 Bananas 106 Yellow & Red Orchid
Venus Fly Traps
The banana trees are blooming. That is a flower below those bananas.
More orchids
113 Waterfall 114 Bell Tower 125 Topiary Garden
This waterfall photo was taken with a slow shutter speed
The Longwood bell tower
The topiary garden



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