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Mount Holly Fire & Ice Festival
January 2011
I made it to the Mount Holly Fire and Ice Festival for the first time since 2007. (See 2007 photos here) Unlike last time, I arrived earlier in the day so I got to see the sculptures take shape. Another benefit of arriving earlier was that I got there in time for the chili cook-off (the fire part of Fire & Ice). I would have taken photos of that as well, but it was hard to even taste the chili because the fire house was jammed tight with people. So, I chose to taste of photograph! Another cool this this year was that there was actually snow on the ground. This means that the dog sledding demonstrations were on actual sleds instead of wheeled carts. That was cool.

(click any photo for a larger version)

02 Stream 03 Ice Carver 04 Carving Tools
All the snow made it feel like a winter festival should
This sculpture is in its early stages
The carvers use plenty of power tools, but old fashoined carving tools are still around too
05 Ice Carver 08 Sled Dog 10 Sled Dog Pulling Skier
This carver was using only hand tools. Unfortunately, he never finished the chess piece he was carving.
Unlike the last time I went to the festival, the sled dog demonstration was on actual snow
I've always wanted to go dogsledding, but I don't think I'd hitch a sled dog to my waist and let it pull me on skis!
15 Sponsor Blocks 20 Alpacas 22 Alpaca
Sponsored ice scultpures are a lot more attractive than big ad banner
Not sure what they have to do with fire and ice but who doesn't love an alpaca
This alpaca looked liked he was standing out int he rain for too long
23 Alpaca 25 Relief Fire House 28 Ice Carver
It tough to snap a photo when an alpaca is trying to lick your camera every 2 seconds
The Relief Fire House was where the chili cook-off took place. I would have taken photos inside if it hadn't been filled wall to wall with people.
The ice sculptures slowly took shape throughout the day
30 Ice Carver 32 Gingerbread Pier 33 Gingerbread  House
The ice sculptures slowly took shape throughout the day
The gingerbread house competition included this gingerbread fishing bpier.
This gingerbread house was made by Burlington County College culinary students
36 Hawk 38 Hawk 39 Owl
This hawk was brought by the Philadelphia Zoo
This hawk was brought by the Philadelphia Zoo
This owl also came from the Philadelphia Zoo
41 Companion Dog 43 Fish Sculture 46 Ice Carver
This cute guy is a companion dog
This fish sclupture is almost done
I'm not sure this bunny will last until Easter
49 Butterfly & Flowers Sculpture 50 Fish Sculture 52 Sled Dog Pulling Skier
Butterfly and flowers
This is the completed version of the angel fish statue you saw in a previous photos
Siberian Husky pulls a skiier
53 Sled Dogs Pulling Sled 55 Sled Dogs Pulling Sled 56 Sled Dog Pulling Sled
It was fun to see sled dogs actually running on snow
It was a small area but it didn't stop the dogs from running
This demo started out as it should, with the musher on the sled.
57 Sled Dog Pulling Sled 58 Sled Dog Pulling Sled 60 Phoenix Sculpture
The husky does not see the fact that the musher is airborn as a reason to stop running.
I don't even think that the husky has noticed that the sled suddenly seems harder to pull.
This phoenix was one of the more impressive sculptures.
61 Phoenix Sculpture 63 Ice Carver 64 Grasshopper Sculpture
This phoenix was one of the more impressive sculptures.
As the day wore on, the sculptures were slowly being completed.
That's one big grasshopper
66 Turtle Sculpture 68 Butterfly & Flowers Sculpture 70 Seahorse Sculture
This turtle sculpture feature a really neat textured starfish.
Completed butterfly and flower sculpture
Seahorse sculpture
71 Holly Tree
A holly tree in Mount Holly, go figure



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