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Easton Garlic Festival
October 2012
We usually go to the Lehigh Valley around Christmas, but the Easton Garlic Festival gave us a good excuse to head up there in October. After watching a garlic-themed cooking demo, we ate every kind of garlic flavored food you could imagine. We also bought some fresh German and Music garlic from a farmer that has since totally ruined all garlic I may ever buy in a supermarket!

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04 Garlic Festival Sign 05 Garlic Food Sign 06 Garlic Pierogies
Entering Easton Garlic Fest
If garlic can be added to something, they will add it.
The garlic pierogies were so good!
07 Eat Drink Stink Balloons 09 Cooking Demonstration 11 War Memorial
Eat, Drink, Stink!
A local chef demonstrates some garlic recipes
The Garlic Fest takes place around the Easton War Memorial
12 Garlic Food Signs 13 Fried Garlic 14 Chocolate Covered Roasted Garlic
The garlicky food choices are endless
The fried garlic was delicious
Yes, that's chocolate covered roasted garlic
15 Garlic 16 Crayola Experience
More than a few bulbs of this garlic came home with us
Easton is also home of the Crayola Experience



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