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The Henry Ford, Dearborn, Michigan
August 2012
On our way from Frankenmuth to Holland we stopped for the day in Dearborn to visit The Henry Ford. We took a tour of the Ford Rouge Plant where we watched Ford F-150 pickups being manufactured on the very impressive assembly line. The second component of The Henry Ford is Greenfield Village. It's like a museum of historic buildings. Buildings from around the country and world were moved there. We also took the opportunity to take a ride in a Model T Ford. Our final stop in Dearborn was the Henry Ford Museum. I expected this to just be about cars, but the artifacts on display are very impressive. It reminded me of the Smithsonian Museum of American History. The number of historically and culturally significant artifacts that Ford owns is astounding.

(click any photo for a larger version)

3-001 Ford Fuel Cell Center Sign 3-002 The Henry Ford Sign 3-004 Rouge Factory Tour Bus
Ford Fuel Cell Center
The Henry Ford is a fascinating place
Boarding the bus to the Rouge Factory Tour
3-005 Henry Ford Statue 3-006 Rouge Plant Roof 3-007 New Ford F-150s
Henry Ford statue outside the Rouge Plant
The Rouge Plant has a living roof
Freshly made Ford F-150s
3-008 Rouge Plant 3-011 Rouge Plant 3-012 Rouge Plant Roof Display
The Ford Rouge Plant
The Ford Rouge Plant
The Rouge Plant has a living roof
3-015 Rouge Plant Legacy Gallery 3-016 Ford F-150 Chassis 3-018 1949 Ford
Rouge Plant Legacy Gallery
Ford F-150 chassis at the Rouge Plant Legacy Gallery
1949 Ford at the Rouge Plant Legacy Gallery
3-019 1956 Ford Thunderbird 3-021 New Ford F-150 3-025 Train
1956 Ford Thunderbird at the Rouge Plant Legacy Gallery
New Ford F-150 at the Rouge Plant Legacy Gallery
The train at Greenfield Village
3-026 Ford Home 3-027 Ford Garage 3-028 15 Millionth Ford
The Ford home
Henry Ford's garage
The Fifteen millionth Ford produced
3-029 Wright Brothers Cycle Shop 3-030 Wright Brothers Cycle Shop 3-031 Wright Brothers Cycle Shop
The Wright Brothers Cycle Shop was moved from Dayton, Ohio
The Wright Brothers Cycle Shop was moved from Dayton, Ohio
The Wright Brothers Cycle Shop was moved from Dayton, Ohio
3-034 Bus 3-036 Model Ts 3-038 Ackley Covered Bridge
Dearborn Coach Company bus shuttles guests around
The traffic at Greenfield Village is mostly Model Ts.
The Ackley Covered Bridge was moved from western Pennsylvania
3-040 Model T & Building 3-041 Farris Windmill 3-043 Cotswold Forge
A Model T tools around Greenfield Village
The Farris Windmill was moved from Cape Cod
Cotswold Forge
3-045 Noah Webster Home 3-047 Hermitage Slave Quarters 3-048 Horse and Carriage
Noah Webster's home
Hermitage slave quarters
Greenfield Omnibus Company shuttles guests around
3-049 Mattox Family Home 3-050 Mattox Family Home 3-051 Ford Motor Company
Mattox family home from Georgia
Mattox family home from Georgia
Headed to the Ford Motor Company building for a Model T ride
3-052 Model T Interior 3-053 Model T 3-055 Roundhouse
Touring Greenfield Village in a Model T
This is the Model T that we rode in
The Greenfield Village roundhouse
3-056 Weaving & Pottery Shops 3-058 Ford Truck 3-059 Turkey
Weaving & pottery shops
These antique Ford trucks are driven by village employees
A turkey at the working farms
3-060 Rooster 3-061 Firestone Farmhouse 3-062 Firestone Farm
A rooster at the working farms
Firestone farmhouse
Firestone farm isn't just for show. The staff in period clothes really farms.
3-064 Holiday Inn Sign & Desoto 3-065 Kennedy Assassination Car 3-066 Reagan Assassination Attempt Car
A Desoto parked in front of the Holiday Inn display
President John Kennedy was assassinated in this limo
President Ronald Reagan was shot while getting into this limo
3-067 Lamy's Diner 3-069 McDonald's Sign & Chevy 3-071 Ford's Quadricycle
Lamy's Diner is a working diner
15 cent McDonald Hamburgers anyone?
Ford's quadricycle lead to the invention of the automobile
3-072 Model A Ford 3-073 2011 Daytona Winning Ford Fusion 3-074 School Bus
Model A Ford
2011 Daytona 500 Winning Ford Fusion with confetti still stuck to it
And we thought our school busses in the 80's/90's were uncomfortable
3-076 1914 Ford Model T 3-077 Lamy's Diner 3-078 Holiday Inn Room
1914 Ford Model T
Lamy's Diner is a working diner
Wow, this looks like the motels from our family vacations in the 80's.
3-079 Train Cars 3-081 1952 Weinermobile 3-082 George Washington's Cot
Mohawk and Hudson Railroad coaches
The Weinermobile hasn't changed much in its looks since this 1952 edition
This cot belonged to George Washington
3-083 Lincoln Assassination Chair 3-085 Rosa Parks Bus 3-086 TAB Soda Display
Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in this chair
This is the bus on which Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in Montgomery, Alabama
I had to take a picture of the TAB display for Marianne!
3-087 Dymaxion House Sign 3-088 Dymaxion House Kitchen 3-089 Dymaxion House Living Room
Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion House
Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion House
Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion House
3-090 Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company




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