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New Hope to Lansdale by Train
August 2012
While randomly searching online for a place to kill a few hours, my mother actually found a way to spend an entire day. The New Hope and Ivyland Railroad is a vintage tourist railroad. For Lansdale's Founders Day they took the antique steam locomotive and passenger cars out onto SEPTA's tracks. After a stop at SEPTA's Warminster station we arrived in Lansdale to enjoy the festivities before heading back to New Hope aboard the train.

(click any photo for a larger version)

01 Lambertville-New Hope Bridge 02 Delaware River 04 Train
Crossing the Lambertville-New Hope Bridge into Pennsylvania
Delaware River as seen from the Lambertville-New Hope Bridge
Waiting to board the train at New Hope station
05 New Hope Train Station 06 Locomotives 07 Cows
Waiting to board the train at New Hope station
Getting ready to head out of New Hope station
Just some cows wandering in a field along the tracks
08 Centrifuge Building 09 Warminster Sign 10 Smoke & Spitting Sign
The centrifuge building at former Naval Air Weapons Center Warminster was used to train early astronauts
Pulling in to SEPTA's Warminster station
Apparently people need to be told not to spit. Who knew?
11 Lansdale Train Station 12 SEPTA & New Hope Trains 13 Farmer's Truck
Arriving at SEPTA's Lansdale station
A modern SEPTA train sits next to New Hope and Ivyland's antique locomotive
A farmer sells his wares
14 Farmer & Truck 15 SEPTA Train 16 SEPTA Train
A farmer sells his wares
A brand new SEPTA train was on display
A brand new SEPTA train was on display
17 Diesel Locomotive 19 Train 20 Conductor
New Hope and Ivyland's diesel locomotive
New Hope and Ivyland's diesel locomotive
This guy was born to be a train condustor
21 Refurbished Locomotive 23 Steam Locomotive 24 Canal & Towpath
A refurbished locomotive tagged along behind our train
New Hope and Ivyland's steam locomotive
The canal and tow path in New Hope isn't eaxtly as I remember it. No more mules or water!
25 Clock 27 Waterfall 28 New Hope Railroad Sign
New Hope clock
A small waterfall in New Hope
New Hope and Ivyland Railroad
29 Witch's Hat Ticket Building
New Hope station's "Witch's Hat" ticket building



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