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July 2013
I hadn't been to Wildwood, NJ in probably 25 years or more. (Yes, that makes me feel old.) Generally, if I'm going to spend any time at the Jersey shore it's spent in Atlantic City, Ocean City or Sea Isle City. It was fun to see how much changed. Of course, my only real memory from my last Wildwood visit was going on rides and asking my parents to buy us ice cream.

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01 Beesley's Point Bridge 03 Aruba Motel 05 Beach
The Beesely's Point Bridge is unfortunately no longer in use
Hotels in Wildwood always have a distinctive look
The journey from the boardwalk to the ocean is a long one
07 Tram 08 Chair Rental Hut 10 Amusement Pier
"Watch the tram car please!" - Wildwood's iconic tram
The Wildwood beach is much bigger than I remember
Wildwood's amusement pier
13 Wildwoods Sign 14 Wikdwood Crest Sign 15 Boardwalk
The Wildwoods sign is a newer landmark
Where the Wildwood boardwalk ends, Wildwood Crest begins
You can't miss the beginning of the boardwalk
16 Tram 17 Tram Turning Around 19 Bocce Courts
"Watch the tram car please!" - Wildwood's iconic tram
Wildwood's iconic tram turns around at the end of the boardwalk
Wildwood has public bocce courts. Who knew?
20 Amusement Pier 21 Mack's Pizza 22 Marbles Platforms
Wildwood's amusement pier
Mack's Pizza
Where else can you play marbles on the beach? For that matter, where else can you play marbles period?
23 Archway
And we've arrived at the other end of the boardwalk



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