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Bethlehem Steel
December 2015
I usually go to Bethlehem a few times each year to visit the Sands casino for dinner and a little gambling. I also go to there every year for their Chriskindlmarkt. The striking thing about the city is the long idle Bethlehem Steel plant. The casino is built on part of its former site and the Chriskindlmarkt is now held on another part of the site. However, much of the plant still remains as a monument to what was once the most important business in the city, if not the entire region. This year while at the Chriskindlmarkt, we discovered the new Hoover-Mason trestle walkway. It allows an up close look at the trestle that was formerly used to bring coke, limestone & iron ore to the blast furnaces and serves as a small museum depicting the history of Bethlehem Steel.

(click any photo for a larger version)

01 Driving Toward Plant 02 Christkindlmarkt 03 Steel Plant
The idle Bethlehem Steel plant sadly looms over the city of Bethlehem
Bethlehem's fantastic annual Christkindlmarkt is held on the grounds of the former steel plant
The new Hoover-Mason Trestle walkway provides a great way to explore the history of the former Bethlehem Steel plant
04 Steel Plant 05 Steel Plant 06 Steel Plant
Mother nature slowly tries to reclaim the plant
Getting up close to the former Bethlehem Steel plant
A reminder of American industrial might at its best
07 Steel Plant 08 Flywheel 09 Steel Plant
A reminder of American industrial might at its best
Flywheel from the steel plant on public display
Getting up close to the former Bethlehem Steel plant
10 Hoover-Mason Trestle 11 Hoover-Mason Trestle
Walking along the Hoover-Mason Trestle
Walking through a historic site along the Hoover-Mason Trestle with the present day Sand Bethlehem casino in the distance



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