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New Mexico - Day 5 - Acoma Pueblo
7 April 2015
If the balloon flight made Day 4 the most exciting day, visiting Acoma Pueblo made Day 5 the most fascinating. We took a tour of Acoma Pueblo's Sky City. There are over 500 adobe homes atop a 365 foot mesa. They have no running water or electricity though there are some surprising "conveniences" such as modern door and windows on the otherwise primitive homes. Our tour guide filled us in on their incredible history and some of their modern day customs. After meeting some of the Acoma people both up on the mesa and in their casino it became obvious that they are some of the friendliest people you ever could hope to meet. We topped off our final evening in New Mexico with dinner on Route 66 at the Standard Diner because I wanted to try the original version of one of their dishes (bacon wrapped meatloaf with red wine gravy) I had made at home after seeing it on Food Network.

(click any photo for a larger version)

5-001 I-40 5-002 Route 66 Casino 5-003 Rocks
Headed out of Albuquerque on I-40 (formerly Route 66)
Route 66 Casino
I'm no geologist, but this looked like something interesting
5-005 Mesa 5-007 Mesa 5-009 Church and Village
One of many mesas
There's no end to the interesting rock formations
One of many villages centered around a mission church
5-010 Village 5-011 Sky City Casino Sign 5-012 Red House
A village in the desert
The incredibly hospitable Acoma Indians own and operate the Sky City Casino and Hotel
A bit of color in the desert
5-013 Mission Church 5-016 Cow 5-018 Rocks
One of many mission churches out in the New Mexican desert
This isn't Texas but that's a longhorn cow
Driving through Acoma Indian land
5-019 Scenery 5-022 Pueblo Building 5-023 San Estevan del Rey Mission Church
Driving through Acoma Indian land
Up on the 365 foot high mesa of Acoma Pueblo, also known as Sky City
San Estevan del Rey Mission Church on Acoma Pueblo. The mound of dirt is for some “new dry wall” they're working on.
5-024 San Estevan del Rey Mission Church Bell 5-025 Pueblo Buildings 5-026 Pueblo Building
Bell tower of San Estevan del Rey Mission Church at Acoma Pueblo
A few of the many adobe homes on the mesa at Acoma Pueblo
Adobe home on the mesa at Acoma Pueblo
5-028 Pueblo Building Window 5-029 Indian Fry Bread 5-030 Pueblo Buildings and Ladders
The turquoise color is used frequently in decorating up on the mesa too.
This fresh baked Indian fry bread was delicious
Ladders allow entry to the second floor
5-032 Ladder 5-033 Pueblo Buildings 5-034 Mesa
The ladders are designed to appear as if they are piercing the clouds
Adobe home with outdoor adobe oven
Another nearby mesa
5-035 Stove 5-036 View from Acoma Pueblo 5-037 San Estevan del Rey Mission Church
Adobe oven or horno that is used for baking bread
The view from Acoma Pueblo's Sky City goes on forever
San Estevan del Rey Mission Church on Acoma Pueblo
5-038 Acoma Pottery 5-041 Enchanted Mesa 5-044 Door with Ladder
The Acoma people are incredibly skilled at making pottery. The intricate designs they paint on their items is incredible.
Enchanted Mesa is believed to have once been the home of the Acoma people
I love the juxtaposition of the ladder to reach the door below a pair of modern windows
5-046 Pueblo Buildings & Ladders 5-047 Adobe Steps 5-048 Pueblo Buildings
No staircases here
It's rare to see such a staircase such as this
Now that's a dead end street!
5-049 Mica Window 5-050 View from Acoma Pueblo 5-051 View from Acoma Pueblo
At one time all of the windows in Sky City were made of mica such as this one
The views from Acoma Sky City are great
The views from Acoma Sky City are great
5-054 People Climbing Down Acoma Pueblo 5-055 Pueblo Buildings 5-056 I-40 Toward Albuquerque
These brave folks are climbing down the 365 foot mesa instead of taking the bus.
Adobe homes on Acoma Pueblo
Headed back to Albuqueque and toward the Sandia Mountains
5-057 Gazebo 5-058 Standard Diner 5-059 Eat Sign
Gazebo in Old Town Albuquerque
We went to the Standard Diner on Route 66 because I once made a meatloaf using one of their recipes from Food Network
We did plenty of eating while in New Mexico!
5-060 Standard Diner 5-061 Kimo Theater
The Standard Diner on Route 66 was once a gas station
Built in 1927 along Route 66, the KiMo Theater is one of Albuquerque's best known landmarks




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