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Shady Brook Farm Christmas Light Display
December 2015
Every year I look for fun "Christmas-y" places to visit during Christmas week. One new place we discovered this year was Shady Brook Farms in Bucks County, PA. Their Christmas light display consists of over 3 million lights and includes displays ranging from light tunnels to iconic structures from around to the world to almost anything else you can imagine. You can drive through or ride on a tractor pulled wagon. We opted for the open air wagon ride because who wants to take pictures from behind glass while driving.

(click any photo for a larger version)

01 Toasting Marshmallows 02 Shady Brook Farm Sign 03 Bucket Truck
Toasting marshmallows over an open fire
Shady Brook Farm Holiday Light Show Entrance
Just an elf in a bucket truck
04 Holiday Light Show Sign 05 Trees 06 Eiffel Tower
Entering Shady Brook Farm Holiday Light Show
Welcomed by Christmas tree sideboys
Vive la France! The Eiffel Tower
07 Tractor 08 Fishing Boat 09 Mount Rushmore
Of course there's a tractor. We're on a farm.
On to an American landmark, Mount Rushmore
10 Leaning Tower of Pisa & Taj Mahal 11 Great Wall of China 13 Light Tunnel
I had no idea Italy and India were that close. The Leaning Tower of Pizza alongside the Taj Mahal
and we're off to the Great Wall of China
One of the coolest features, the light tunnel
14 Grinch 15 Trees 16 Trees, Frogs & Butterflies
You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch
A forest of lights
The forest of lights with its frogs and butterflies
17 Light Tunnel 18 Light Tunnel 19 Light Tunnel
Approaching another cool light tunnel
Into the tunnel toward world peace. Wouldn't that be nice!
In the light tunnel. Where'd the world peace go? It was a trick!
20 Believe Sign 22 Santa & Reindeer 23 Carolers
Christmas is definitely about believing in good will of people. Oh and Santa too.
There's Santa!
Christmas carolling
24 House 25 Irish Dancers 26 Statue of Liberty
It doesn't get much more “Christmas-y” than this house. Not sure what's up with the shamrock though.
A stop in Ireland to see the dancing lasses
Back to the USA and the Statue of Liberty
27 Jack & the Beanstalk 28 Toasting Marshmallows
Jack's beanstalk
And back to where we started with toasting marshmallows over an open fire



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