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Canadian Maritimes
August 2016
I've been wanting to go to the Canadian Maritimes for a while now. We finally found time to fly to Halifax, drive though Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and back to Halifax over the course of eleven days. It was the longest vacation I’ve taken in a while. For the most part we only stayed at each motel/hotel for a night or two as we covered many miles of roads. Some were paved; many were not. It was a good thing that we talked the rental company into upgrading us an SUV! Our journey also took us aboard two ferries and across the impressive and the eight mile long Confederation Bridge as we covered as much of each Atlantic province as we could. We skipped Cape Breton, NS due to time and logistical constraints, but now we have a place for a future vacation.

Along the way we learned about the founding of Canada in Charlottetown, walked on the floor of the Bay of Fundy before watching nearly 50 feet of tide come rushing in, visited houses made of glass bottles, a giant lobster, a few historic forts, a historic Naval vessel, National Parks, the setting of a  famous book and much more.

We stayed in both metropolitan cities and tiny towns like Digby where we attended their annual scallop festival. Speaking of scallops, we ate plenty of them. There is no shortage of amazing fresh seafood in Atlantic Canada and we took full advantage of it. The remainder of our diet for the trip consisted of seafood. Of course, we did make exceptions for some fresh PEI beef and a donair.











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