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Philadelphia Flower Show
February 2017
Despite living in the Philadelphia area my entire life, I've never gone to the annual Philadelphia Flower Show. I'm not necessarily a flower enthusiast, but I'm a photographer and have spent plenty of time photographing flowers elsewhere like Longwood Gardens, the Macy's Flower Show in Chicago and many other places. This year's theme was Holland and tulips are my favorite flowers to photograph so how could I resist? Despite it being a damp rainy day, we hopped on the train to Center City and spent the day indoors enjoying the sights and sounds (Dutch techno light show, anyone? See the video below.). It's truly amazing to see what the Philadelphia Horticultural Society builds inside the convention center. Besides flowers, the amount of stuff they load in there, trees, landscaping, tons of dirt and mulch, art exhibits, etc. is beyond impressive. It made for a fun (and colorful) day.

(click any photo for a larger version)

001 Entrance Bridge 003 Tulips 004 Floating Flower Fields
As you enter the convention hall, you're greeted by a flower adorned bridge.
Tulips, tulips and more tulips!
The floating flower fields consist of many thousands of bunches of dried flowers
005 Windmills 009 Windmill 011 Entrance Bridge & Canal
Nothing says Dutch like windmills
Nothing says Dutch like windmills
A canal flows through the entrance bridge
012 White Bikes Display 015 Gin Still 016 Floral Hats
The white bikes display is a nod to Amsterdam's white bicycle plan of the 1960's
They're not really distilling gin in this still, but it recognizes Holland's gin production
The floral hats are not exactly stylish or functional, but are definitely weird.
017 Entrance Area 022 Termini Brothers 023 Delft China
The entrance overwhelms you with color
Taking a break from the flower show for a cannoli from Termini Brothers, conveniently located right on the show floor.
Delft china is uniquely Dutch
025 Blue Bike 027 Dutch Techno Light Show 030 Subaru Cottage
ET's flying bike was not nearly as ornately adorned as this one.
A few times per hour, the lights dimmed and a Dutch techno light show/dance party ensued.
Subaru's advertising consisted of a cute little cottage.
033 Edible Flower Presentation 034 Blue Tulips 035 Orange Tulips
This guy was demonstrating various edible flowers, but what caught my eye was his fancy jacket
Blue tulips!
When I think of Dutch tulips, orange is the color that comes to mind
038 Bike Bridge 039 Bike Wheel Window 041 Yard with Purple Door
A bridge of bicycles
Through the bike wheel
Just hanging out in a backyard
045 Metal Garden Fish 046 Modern Yard 047 Chain Link Fence Yard
These metal garden fish were for sale. They were not cheap!
A modern backyard
Some areas of the show are a little more industrial
050 Fabio Tulips 053 Tulips 054 Entrance Bridge
Fabio tulips are unique but you probbaly won't find them on the covers of trashy romance novels
So many tulips!
Looking over the entrance bridge
057 Floating Flower Fields 061 Yellow Tulips 066 Cows
The floating flower fields consist of many thousands of bunches of dried flowers
There are tulips everywhere you look
I believe these critters are supposed to be cows
068 Wooden Shoes 069 Tulips & Bike 071 Garden Shed
It's not Holland without some wooden shoes.
Tulips and bikes, that pretty much sums up the Holland vibe going on here
A garden shed among the flowers
072 White & Yellow Daffodils 073 Garden Shed 075 Tunnel of Orchids
Some daffodils snuck in among the tulips.
My shed is never this neatly organized
Passing through the tunnel of orchids
077 White Orchids 081 Pink Orchids 082 Tunnel of Orchids
Orchids along the tunnel of orchids
Orchids along the tunnel of orchids
Looking up in the tunnel of orchids
084 Glass & Cinder Block Display 086 Pink & Grape Hyacinths 088 Purple Hyacinths
Flowers can even make cinder blocks look good.
Neon pink hyacynths
Purple hyacynths always remind me of my grandmother.
089 Human-Size Bird's Nest 091 OCD Chef Cutting Board 096 Orange Japanese Puff
This human-size bird's nest looks comfy.
A cutting board for the OCD chef
Just a giant orange puff ball
098 Pink Flowers 099 Blue Porch 100 Anna van der Breggen Porch
Pink daisies? I think?
One of a few porches on display
I'm not sure why Dutch Olympian Anna van der Breggen is peeking out the front door, but she is.
103 Tulips & Hyacinths in Delft Pottery 108 Bike Wheel Windowsill Display 112 Bonsai Tree
Tulips & hyacinths in Delft pottery
Flowers and bike wheels on the windowsill
Bonsai trees are very cool and the lighting on this one was perfect
113 Japanese Elm Bonsai Tree 114 Train Platform 117 Train Platform
This bonsai tree is nearly as old as I am.
Model trains, Dutch style
Who knew Amtrak goes to Holland
118 Train Platform House 120 Tulip Fence
Holland recreated on a model train platform
I bet they don't actually have fences like this in Holland, but that cabin sure does look cozy.

A few times per hour, the lights dimmed and a Dutch techno light show/dance party ensued.




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