Michael Gatti's Family Tree
Richie Gatti

Richard "Richie" Gatti

10 March 1949 - 8 May 2002

Richie is remembered as a fun-loving charismatic man. Everyone enjoyed being around him when they could find him. His talent for being elusive and frequently late made him a hard guy to track him down and probably gave him an advantage when he played one of many pranks on his friends and family.

Growing up in the Lido gave him the strong foundation that would come in handy when he and Rudy eventually took it over. His strength and integrity was also apparent when he found out that Corinne has MS but decided to go on with the wedding anyway. Her condition continued to worsen, but he stood by her.

He frequently called our family "Sangue Blu Famiglia Nobile" which means "Blue Blooded Noble Family." He had no children, but is survived by his three loving older brothers, Rudy, Raymond and Ronald.


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