Michael Gatti's Family Tree


Casorzo, Italy
The Gattis lived here before coming to the United States
The Gattis Come to America
The Gattis came to Ellis Island aboard the Colombo
Rita's Recordings
While performing with the Big Sur Choir, Rita recorded tracks on several albums
The Lido
The Gatti-owned restaurant in Staten Island, NYC
Gene's Restaurant
Gene DeMichelis' Middle Village, Queens restaurant
Nelson's Notes
Nelson Panazzolo's original notes about the family genealogy
2002 Gatti Family Reunion
Photos and more from the 2002 event
Memories and Stories
Many assorted written pieces by or about Gatti cousins
Famous Gattis
Gattis show up everywhere!
Remembering Those We've Lost
Memorials to the members of Generation E who are no longer with us
The Gatti Family Gravesite
The Gatti plot and mausoluem at St. John's Cemetary in Queens, NYC
The Triple Wedding
This wedding joined the Gattis and the Panazzolos
Victor's Bat'kivshchyna Voyage
Victor sailed aboard the Ukranian tall ship. This is the tale of his voyage.

Miscellaneous Facts

- During the 19th century a Gatti was an advisor to King Umberto I.

- In or before 1812 the Gatti brothers were founders of the church in Casorzo, Italy (Holy Church Of Saint George).

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