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Big Sur Festival
Big Sur Festival: One Hand Clapping
Columbia (KC 31138) 1972
Recorded at the Eighth (and last) Big Sur Festival, in 1971.
Rita is included on this album as part of the Big Sur Choir.

Album Inside

On the inside of the album cover, Rita is right next to the middle fold on the middle of the page, microphone in front of her, guitar player right next to her, on top of Mickey Newbury's head. Click the image for a larger view of Rita and the rest of the album.

Rita Close

The Festival was described as... "It started as a lark, Esalen Institute offering us a chance to take over that magnificent place for a whole weekend - the catch - an Esalen style seminar on "The New Folk Music." Well any time you found Joan Baez, Richard and Mimi Fariña and me in the same place there had to be singing: so instead of meetings and lectures, sing we did, in the sulphur baths, on the lawns, even during meals sitting at long wooden tables in the lodge..."

Rita also did a track on the album, Judy Collins Living.

Judy Collins

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