Michael Gatti's Family Tree

The Gatti - Panazzolo Triple Wedding

All throughout the Gatti parts of the family tree you'll see the name Panazzolo appear frequently. Like most names in the tree, the Panazzolo name was connected to the Gattis by marriage. The difference is the circumstances by which the Gattis and Panazzolos became linked. On December 23, 1928, two Gattis were married to two Panazzolos. A third Panazzolo was married to a bride from neither family as well.

The wedding took place at Our Lady of Pompeii church in New York City. The church was at the center of the Italian-American community in NewYork City during that era.

The participants were... Rose Gatti married Joe "Beppino" Panazzolo; Frank Gatti married Josie Panazzolo; Palmiro Panazzolo married Octavia Poli.


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